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      I am 13 i was pregnant and didnt really want the baby but i wasnt going to abort and then i decided that i was going to keep it and i wanted the baby knew it was going to be tough but the love i had for unborn baby is unexplainable unless your a mum i never understood how strong the love could be for someone you have never met.
      I had a misscarrage and know all i want is to have my baby back im a complete mess at the moment but i want to helpother people that were in situation simalar to myselfs because the best help i got was from this site and i want to give back what i recived.
      I also want to know if anyone has had a simalar thing happen to them and how they got through it.


        Awh hun you should try counseling it is hard to loose somebody you love and even tho you haven’t met em you still have that bond =[ Good luck and hope you feel better


          yeah maybe i have someone talk to me but its more like check on me i might try find one


            Sorry to hear about your lost if you ever need anything i’m here just hang in there




                something thaat might help is writing a letter( and even though its hard) to your unborn baby, about everything u wanted for him or her and just let it all out to the baby and then keep it somewhere and whenever your down or feeling sad just remember, you had the best intentions ahead.

                i have been thru the same thing im 15 now(Also might be expecting) but i was just 13 and in 7th grade when i learned i was pregnant, i wanted to keep my baby but shortly after learning about the pregnancy, I had a miscarriage and its one of the hardest things ever.

                i hope u start feeling better soon hun, things will soon start to look up, I Promise


                  Thanks knowing that someone went throughthe same thing and i now alot better help.
                  I dont go against being pregnant while you young but i never wnt for trying to get pregnant while im young but i wan to be i mean im not going to try but thats what i want more than anything in the world!!


                    Be stromg Dayna…be strong for yourself and your lost baby. And be strong for your parents and little sis too. I know it’s gotta be the hardest thing to do right now after everything that you are going through, but trust me, it’ll be okay. I’m here, and so is everyone else here on this site. You’re not alone. I’m praying for you. And it probably would be a good thing to talk about it to someone. I lost my aunt and it was the hardest thing for me because she was the one who held our whole family together and what helped me was thinking about how I have to go on and be strong and make something out of myself to have a bright future…for her. To make her proud. And I thought about how she was okay…she was in God’s hands. There was nothing I could do to bring her back, but I could do something to make her and the Lord proud. Just be strong and do your best to go on for your baby. And it’s okay to feel lost, sad, helpless…just keep praying and don’t give up hope. I’m here whenever you need me girly, always will be. You’re always in my prayers


                      Thankyou i will try i know it will take some time.

                      I really want a baby of my own still


                        You are sooo sooo young. I don’t know what the legal age to work in your state is… but in mine it is fourteen. You can not support a child with no job unless you are planning on having your parents raise it. Even with a job… they have a cap on how many hours you can work per week until the age of sixteen. Money is going to be a huge issue if you do become pregnant again. I can not imagine having a miscarriage and how devastating it must feel. But remind yourself of the life you have to live.


                          i agree with all the other girlies! the Lord is the only one to help you through this, it is ok to grieve, thats why we have that feeling inside us, find someone that you can cry on their shoulder and they wont say anything just hug and love you through this whole thing! the big part will pass! the main thing i want you to know from me is that yes you are hurting really bad right now, but dont go out and have another baby because of it! they are the best gift but right now you are on a huge emotional roller coaster! i suggest making a vow to yourself to maybe wait till you get married to have sex. it will mean so much more to you 🙂 especially when your holding your little one there with your husband and fully healed from this one! like the other girls said you are a strong girl! make a stand for yourself ! youre soooo worth it! love ya im praying for you !!!


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