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      Im 16 years old and just over a year ago i feel pregnant. I had been goin out with the father of the baby for over a year and had been best friends with him 5 yrs before that.
      When i found out i was so excited because i love babies and i was soo proud that i was gonna be a mum.
      When i told my parents about it they told me i could not have the baby whilst livin under their roof. They were chuckin me out.
      We had the social worker round and i was told i would have to live in a hotel with the baby until i was 18 then i would be able to be put on the council list.
      It was a few days before i was due to move out, that just one night i couldnt handle it and told my mum i would have an abortion, which is what her and my mum wanted.
      Thinkin of it now i could not have been in the right frame of mind. How could i ever decide to want to kill a baby?!:(
      Well…i went through with the abortion and it has proved to be the worst decision of my life. It feels as though im never gonna forgive myself or get over it. I am constantly havin suicide thoughts and i just dont want to live anymore.
      It feels asthough my own family pressured me into doin somethin i was so strongly against and i will never ever forgive them..

      please if u are considerin an abortion DONT DO IT its not worth all this pain and heartache…. if i culd turn back time i would and i would never ever ever have had the abortion and i am never goin to in the future.


        If you are having suicidal thoughts then you need to seek medical help, I assume as you mention council lists that you are in the UK, there are helpline numbers available to you such as samaritans, mindline and more, (easy to find using google). Please seek proffesional help as soon as possible. No matter how guilty you may be feeling you will come to terms with your loss in time and there is no shame in getting help when you need it. Good luck, be well.


          hey i’m sorry for u getting pressured into that but i agree with niam u need to seek help if ur having thoughts like that…it’s not something to hide till it’s too late..i’m bipolar/depressed and i have to take medication for it, i’m not embarassed about it cuz it’s genetic for me and i can’t change that, but being a mom is hard enough w/out bad thoughts and depression and where ur not yet a mom and u have these thoughts it would be very bad if u did have a baby…so please b4 u hurt ur self get help!!!!


            It breaks my heart to hear these stories about girls who went through with their abortions. I found out I was pregnant at five months and I had a week to decide if I wanted to have an abortion…I decided against it. I’m so sorry to hear that you didn’t have support when you needed it, it truly isn’t fair that parents do that to their children, it may be scary for them to see their babies growing up or being faced with a situation that may deem them "bad parents" but they fail to see how much they are hurting you and how capable you are of being a wonderful mother. As far as the suicide goes, I’ve been there, I was suicidal for years and years and then one day I lost it and tried to end it all. The next morning I woke up strapped to a hospital bed with an impaired liver and the grief stricken faces of my family surrounding me. One of the things that really brought me back to reality was seeing just how badly I hurt the ones I loved the most. They don’t deserve it and you don’t deserve to take away all the amazing expiriences and things that you have yet to do in your life. Please don’t be too hard on yourself, there is a person waiting for you, waiting for you to have his child and to raise a family with. Things will turn out for you, you cannot take away all the things the world still has to offer. Be strong girl, you are worth it.
            Lots of love,

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