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      hi well just under 4 weeks go i made the hardest desition to have an abortion i wud of loved to of had the baby but i no im not emtionly redy for nuva baby ive got a 2 year old son who is everything to me and i feel im trying to cope with him and a baby coming long wud be super stressful,the babys father wusnt fussd bout me having the baby anyway so i took my friend along and had the abortion pills and im still wayting to have a pregnacy test dun to see if te temination has fully passd as ive been told bout the pregnacy hormones still not disapeard from the body,so at the moment i am scared to even take the test,i feel guily that ive done this and that i berly gave my baby chance to live befor abortion i feel horid i dont usualy belive in abortion so this is why i feel like a bad person


        Hey hun

        I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. I myself have never had an abortion but I cannot begin to imagine the pain and guilt which comes with the decision. Please try not to be too hard on yourself, in time you will be able to accept what has happened and carry on with life. The pain will never go away but it will get easier. Just hang in there.. Maybe talk to a counsellor/church pastor(sp?) in the area if you need some help dealing with the decision. Please take care hun and keep us updated <3



          Hi there and big hugs! I can completely relate to your feelings of guilt, it’s absolutely normal to feel that way. It’s going to take a while for you to come to terms with the decision you’ve made, but remember why you decided to do it… If you’re finding it especially hard to cope or develop symptoms of comlicated grief, then it’s very important that you see a therapist to help you work through what you’re feeling.
          I hope you’ll continue to post and maybe start a blog, writing about your experience and your emotions can also be very theraputic.


            hey im 16 and mother 2 a 1year old and preg for the second time and not terminating it, jus wanted to tell u that i know what u mean wen u say that it wud be stressful coz thats the same thing that worried me, if my hubby wasn there to support me i dont think i wud be able to cope, im sorry for the dillema u r facing and if the abortion was unsuccessful, i hope u will consider keeping the baby…

            my love is with u and be strong, good luck and i hope everything works out for u xoxox


              the termination workd,so now im feeling kinda happy its finaly ova i can get on with being a mum,but also feeling incredably guilty for wot ive dun

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