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      i took pregnancy test 16 days after intercourse.. should i rely on this, that am not pregnant,. but.. i dont have my period yet for the month of feb, thats why am still worried even if the result was negtive. my last menstruation strted jan.9 2011 and ended jan 14 2011. and had intercourse jan20. and i took pt after 26 days, is it accurate?? help me.. am still worried


        The best time to take a pregnancy test is after you would be late for your period, take the test first thing in the morning with your first urine of the day, that is when they are most accurate, also getting a blood test at the doctor is a very accurate way to tell, sometimes stress and drastic changes in eating habits can affect your period as well as other womens cycles…run yourself a nice warm bath, lots of bubbles, dim light/candles and soft music, read a book in the tub or just close your eyes (but please don’t fall asleep, very dangerous) take some time to physically relax your body and mind, stressing about being pregnant can cause you to feel like you are…please let me know what you find out…Love Meg


          hey if u really wana put ur mind at ease and not 100% sure if the urine test is giving u the accurate result then get a blood test done! also i agre with Meg u cud be stressing and therefore not getting ur period… ope this helps, tace care and keep us updated


            i took preg test again 21 days after the intercourse and its my 1st pee in the morning and the result was negative… is it accurate? tnx for your help…


              yeah i think its prety accurate, if u had intercourse 21 days ago and fell preg it would be showing on the preg test by now fr sure, so i think ur not pregnant….


                tnx.. im a bit worried coz until now i still dint have my period,, but the preg test showed negative,, im scared, dont know wat to do..


                  It could be accurate, but then again it could also not be. It all depends on your body. It took me 3 weeks after a late period to find out that I was pregnant. But some people find out after being one day late. If you dont start your period then go to your local health department or doctors


                    tnx God,, i just got my period today,, wew!!!

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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