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      Please can someone help me. I am 17 and 38 weeks pregnant and I have been with my child father for 10 months almost 11. Now I am towards the end of my pregnancy his mom says she wants a DNA test done to make sure. Hell I know like he knows that this is his baby. We even frickin planned this pregnancy together. I haven’t ever had sex with another person or anything like that since we have been together. I wouldn’t ever cheat on him because I love him so much. We have even been talking about getting a apartment together next year. I am just devastated with his mother remark. Should I get a DNA test or just say screw him and his mother cause he wouldn’t even say nothing when she mentioned it.:angry:


        Hi .. Well if he didnt even bother too defend you or his baby that says something right ? well you know thats yours and his baby and tahts all that matter tell his mum whats what x


          hey, i definetly think you should get the dna test…if you know that he is the father to your baby then get it done, shuv it in her face that she is wrong!!!if anyone should be asking for a dna test it should be your bf,not his mother!!! just get it done to save her nagging cos she will probly keep going on about it..also make sure she pays for it,she wants it done,she pays fr it..
          this is just my opinion on your situation anyway but hope it helps..daniella xox
          congrats on your baby



            The best thing to do now is to get that DNA test as long as they’re paying for it. If they don’t wanna pay for it, then they should at least meet you halfway and pay for half. I know you feel insulted but let it be for now. Get the test because that actually gives you some legal leverage. If the baby is proven to be his, and you it is, the mother has no choice but to shut up. He, on the other hand, will be put on the spot to be more responsible.

            I’m really sorry but this, and other things like these are just what goes with early pregnancy especially that which happens out of marriage. Since you said you wanted to have the baby, start fighting for your child. Right now, you already have to be strong enough.

            Be strong and pray a lot.



              dont treat the situation as you have to win and she has to lose… you are putting him in the middle,,, he cant say anything because its his mom and hes probably not much older than you… and he cant defend her, because you are his babymom… the best thing is to keep quiet for him. Sit down with his mom one day and tell her that you love her son, and the baby inside you and you are not the type of girl to sleep around.. etc. Set the record straight by keeping your manner… be polite and patient. You have to understand that she is frustrated a little even if she doesnt say anything…. her grandchild at an early age means that her son is going to be a father now and that may be overwhelming for her. I disagree with "shuving it in her face" because you will want your child to have grandparents and their love and for you and your child to be accepted by his mother and his family… things will run much smoother if you did do that.


                if you take this DNA test it solves everything and yous are all okay again but if not hell will kick loose.. will your boyfriend think u have got something to hide if u dont take it?? for your benefit i would take the test and just let it go in the past… his mother is probably be just worried and shocked that her little boy is growing up and going to be a daddy!! so personally i would take the test to make everything okay again and you will regain trust once more..

                and if you feel uncomfortable that your boyfriend did not defend you, ask him why he didnt.. and he will have a reasonable such as the girls said below he is probably scared of his mums reactions and just lets her get on with what she wants. hope this helped..


                  Great news guys I have decided yeah it is okay for mhis mom to get one. Once she get the results back she will feel stupid because she could have spent the money on her grandson. She knows, she just don’t want to believe. I guess she believes I will try to "trap" him as some people say. I guess cause he is 15 right now and I am 17. My boyfriend told his mom he didn’t want to get a DNA test neither so then she tried to pull the old I can’t get you an identification card thing. Then I tell him to tell her I don’t care about her getting one cause I know that is wat she "wants" and will make her look like a creep. She haven’t just realized how evil I can be. I don’t intend on having my baby around her because of how she lied and said I was just putting it as a joke.

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