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      Hey everyone,
      I am a 17 year old senior in high school graduating a few months before I’m due with my first baby.The further along I get (now entering my second trimester), I am scared for my baby and myself.
      My step-dad whom I live with along with my mom, hasn’t been physically abusive in years. However, he still is very emotionally/verbally abusive. And I don’t want my baby to be brought up around that.
      My boyfriend and his parent’s want me and the baby to move in with them after the baby is born, which makes sense. They have a huge house, plenty of room, I will be 18 by then and graduated. The problem is, my mom doesn’t want me to leave.
      Since she found out im pregnant, shes clingy as ever. She doesn’t even like me leaving her side when we are in the stores.. and when I mentioned the idea of moving in with my boyfriend she freaked out telling me I was HER baby aand I’m not allowed to leave…
      So I’m in a really big dilemma 🙁 I don’t want my baby around my stepdad at all but I don’t want to ditch my mother either….

      Oh and also, if any of you know any financial aid places that can give me a little help that would be great!:)


        That’s a hard place to be in. I understand all of your concerns! I can’t tell you what to do, but please consider what will be best for your child. There may be options you hadn’t thought of yet as well. has lots of good resources and may be able to direct you to local help. Also check out


          As Renee said above, it’s no ones decision to make but your own. However physical abuse is really serious, and even though your Step Dad is no longer physically abusive he is still emotionally and you don’t want to be stuck in a house with someone with that potential.

          If I was in your position I would leave to live with your boyfriend’s family. Bringing a baby into the world is stressful enough as it is, and you need to make sure you are in the best environment you can be, not just for your babies sake but your own.

          As for your mum, its a natural response to want you never to leave, but as long as you still keep in contact with her and make sure she knows your still her daughter it might make it easier on her?

          If you’re going to be 18 soon, then you might have been moving out soon anyway…

          Wish you all the best luck and hope you’re happy with your decision!

          Izzy x


            Even though I am younger by a few years I am experiencing the same exact thing.With the exception that my FATHER doesn’t want me to leave.I’m only 8 weeks and 5 days.Just got the ultrasound today.I think that you and your mother should buy a house and move a little closer to your boyfriend and his parents.And let your step father visit a little often.That way he could see that baby.I mean,it’s only fair.And if he asks why you guys moved just say to him that you wanted to live closer to your boyfriend.

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