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      I’m 23 and have been dating a guy since july of last year. We were having protected sex up until december. then we started having unprotected sex in december although he has never cum inside me. my period were irregularly light for me in january and february so we took a test mid march and that came out with a very faint negative sign. I missed my period in march but I’ve had that happen before because of stress. I estimated that I should be getting my period this week but im wondering if/ when i should get a pregnancy test.


        If you think that you might be pregnant, than you should take another HPT in a couple of days if your period is late and if you don’t think that it is accurate than go ahead and have a blood test done.


          I would recommend you go get a blood test done at your doctors, since they are the most accurate, you will get an immediate answer. Especially considering you didn’t get your period in March. You could very well be pregnant by more than a few weeks. Yes, stress can play a part in a women’s cycle changing or being delayed. Don’t assume that is the case though……go find out for sure!!

          May I ask you though, why would you have unprotected sex? Are you and he trying to conceive? If that is the case, then please consider giving your baby a stable, loving home with a mother and father who are in a committed marriage.

          God’s blessings,


            if you think your pregnant go take a test, its better to find out sooner than later. i agree with myangels you could be very pregnant. have you thought about what you are going to do if you are pregnant? whatever it comes to be i am sure you will be strong enough to get through!! you have us all here at SUG!!

            please let us know what happens

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