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      4months ago 2day, i would have been 7months pregnant. But i had an abortion, i was stupid.
      but i had reasons,
      my mum has said that if i ever got pregnant i wouldnt be able to live at home
      the father didnt want a baby, so he wouldnt be there eitha, even tho at that point we had been together for a year.
      i would have to have found a home but with no money
      i was about to start college and was so scared.
      i really didnt want the abortion but i loved my bf so much and listened to everything he said.
      i had the medical abortion, me and only 2 other woman cryed out of 10.
      My bf assured me that we will have a baby in a few years but now weve broke up, he was the only one i could talk to about it because nonone of my friends no, if i tell them im scared thell hate me.


        That must be so hard! 🙁 Well, at least you can talk on here, even though it’s not the same as having your friends to talk to.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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