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      hey..i had my periods on 14th oct n then me n my bf did some fooling around widout having actual penetration around 25th oct..though he did ejaculate but it was outside my body n nt very near to my vagina either..then i gt my period on 12th nov. now i was due to have my periods on 10-15th dec and its already 20th n i havnt had there ne possibility tht i mite be pregnant..
      should i take a hpt and wat is d accuracy of hpt in cases like mine..
      n i cant take the morning sample for the test as i cnt bring the hpt kit at my place i’l need to go to my bf’s place for tht..will tht affect the test result..
      also is it reqd to cross chek the urine test results with blood test as access to blood test is quite difficult for me..
      thnk u..waitin fr ur replies..very tensed 🙁


        Ok, I’m not exactly sure what you are asking, but here is the thing… You could be pregnant. Wait until your period is a week late and then take a home pregnancy test and come let us know what it says. Try not to worry about it!


          It doesn’t seem likely that you are pregnant. But an HPT is 99 percent accuracy in ANY case, as long as you are a week late for your period. It can affect the results to take it later in the day. Why don’t you get your boyfriend to go buy you a couple of tests and bring it to you. You can take it in the bathroom the next morning.

          Good luck. 🙂


            I’m thinking its probably stress related. How could you be pregnant if it didnt go anywhere near your vagina?
            but if it is stressing you out do a test.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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