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      i became pregnant at the age of 15 me and my boyfriend had been together a while…when we told the famillies they pushed for an abortion i went through with it but cried allday. its 20months on from when i had the abortion now and me and my boyfriend are now engaged to be married but on monday i found out i was pregnant again..i told my fiance and we really want to keep this baby however due to the economic climate we are unsure weather we would be able to keep the baby. our famillies would rather i had an abortion. im so confused on what to do. i cant go through with a abortion again as i struggled with coping last time.


        Hey Sweetie, My name is Meg, yes our world is in a horrible financial state and there may be some struggles but stop, take a time out, some deep breaths and imagine your baby’s first smile…it takes more than money to raise a child, it sounds like you are on track to have a husband soon and that you have overcome hurdles in your past, you know the pain that comes with abortion, do you really want to experience that again? This is the time to Stand Up, time to experience motherhood and don’t sweat the money issues…There are so many programs available, there are pregnancy resource centers, you can earn “baby bucks” or “mommy money” and you can use them to buy diapers and clothes, even maternity clothes and furniture….you can find a local center by calling this number, 1-800-395-HELP, there are also food banks, clothing closets, second hand stores, consignment shops, etc…I have found some great, hardly used things at these type of places in the past…also baby showers are a great way to stock up on things…I never had to buy my kids clothes until they hit ages 3-4 and up, that is a long time to get more stable, if you have friends with kids you can circulate clothes, I am the self proclaimed queen of making ends meet in difficult circumstances…I use half the laundry soap needed, wear my clothed more than once if they are still clean, give the kids baths one after the other to save water, buy generic foods and spruce them up, etc…there are so many ways to make it happen and I know you want to keep this baby and do just that, make it happen…you can and will if you look deep inside yourself and find that inner strength that I know you have….this is not up to your family, or even your fiance…this is YOUR baby, this is your precious gift, your second chance that some women never get…please don’t take this little life for granted….I a here if you want to talk or have any more questions, please let me know what you are going to do and keep in touch…Love Meg


          hi meg.
          thank you so much.. i think this is my time to stand up and be a mum. my fiance kindaa wants to be a daddy but he scared we wont cope but i think when im heavily pregnant and the baby wont be long im sure he’ll come round to the idea. x


            Oh Sweetie, I am so proud of you and you are right, this IS your time to Stand Up and I know that you and your boyfriend will be proud of yourselves for keeping your baby, we are all here for you at Standupgirl and if you have any questions feel free to ask…Tons of Love….Meg

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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