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      hi am in my jounier year and have just found out that i am 9weeks pregnant.
      I have had two terminations and I said that I would not do it again. I am starting to get convused and think that i might not be be a good mom or even be able to support my child.Am also afraid to break the news to my parents AND not have them there for this time in my life knowing that they wouldn’t be in favor of me keeping the baby and might throw me out.
      Having done many mistakes allready that i do regreat i would like to go throught with this but need despretly some advise..!


        Hey Nina, I am so sorry you are having to go through such hard decisions in your life at such a young age…life can seem so unfair at times…you already know the pain and grief that comes with abortion and so with that I plead with you to make a solid decision to let this child live…if your mom refuses to be a grandmother than you could always go with adoption but if nothing else please do not go through with an abortion, not this time, don’t worry about pleasing others, this is about you and baby here….if you live in the US then I know first hand that there are many many resources available to you such as WIC and State medical programs and food stamps and housing and you name it, the world is at your fingertips when you are a pregnant woman, you can qualify for scholarships and assistance for all kinds of things….if you do not live in the US then there are still ways to find assistance but it would help to know which country you are from to help you find it….listen, you are so close to being an adult and being on your own, there is help out there and we can help you find it, just do the right thing and good things are bound to happen, tell your mom that you love her and need her more than ever and that you cannot bear to shed innocent blood, this is her grandchild, work it, use it, tell her that you will not be responsible for another death but that you would like her to be involved in her grandchild’s life…please, stop, think, pray, take a deep breath and do what you know is right, and like I said, I am sure you are perfectly able to care for this child, God gives us that maternal instinct that just takes over and helps us to know how to be a mom, the only thing is that if your parents absolutely refuse to back you on this think of your child’s life and go with adoption as a loving alternative but please do not get an abortion….I will keep you in my prayers diligently and I plead with you to just Stand Up, put your feet firmly on the ground and protect this child of yours who needs you so desperately…Love Meg


          thank you soo much for some advice i really needed to hear that . i do live in the new york and have heard about wic, would i go to social services to get info on that or something ? my mother is really close to me and i really hope that she will look at this as a blessing than anything. i could go with adoption so theres not much choices..but thank you and plz pray for me in this rough time thank you .


            Oh what a relief, if you live in the US then I tell you what, there is SOOOOOO much help out there, yes, you would go to the social service office, most of the time it will be in the government pages in the phone book under adult and family services, you can go there for medical and food stamps, for WIC I go to the public health department, I don’t know where you would go in NY but that would be a good start…WIC even gives you vouchers for farmers market where I am….so are you keeping the baby?? Please let me know…I will help you through the practical areas of looking for resources if you need more help so just let me know…Love Meg


              iv decide that i would like to keep the baby but am scared to tell my mom with everything that iv allready gone trough i know that i will be kicked out of the house so dont know how to break it too her really scared …would love if you could help me out in looking for resources for me and the baby..thank you


                If you are for sure keeping your baby then you will qualify for assistance of all sorts, the best place to start is to find the adult and family services department, they can give you all the resources available in your area, call this number, 1-800-395-HELP, it is Optionline, they will give you the number and location of the closest Pregnancy Resource Center to you where they will do everything they can to help you find a way to keep your baby and have a safe place to stay with the resources you need…let me know what you find out, I would post pone letting your mom know for just a little longer so that she doesn’t pressure you for an abortion and so you can be prepared if she kicks you out…please let me know how else I can help you…Love Meg, I am praying that your mom has a prepared and softened heart and that she will be excited for a grandchild no matter the circumstances…


                  congrats on deciding to give your baby life, im proud of you and we are all here to support you.


                    I’m so happy to see this! God Bless! and good luck with your baby. You have definately made the right decision and you will never regret it

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