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      Ok so here is my story:

      well im very insinc with my body and i can tell ovulation and all that crap…well when i was suppose to ovulate i got the awful pain and it was different then i’ve had before and i could fell it move….i was like ok that was weird well then after that i started spotting for like 3 days….I have NEVER spotted in my life…that was 2 weeks before i was suppose to have my period….well since i had that pain i’ve been tired, nausous, puking, eat like a pig, crave potatoe anything, and my boobs are so sore….well my period was 12 days late…and then i got a bunch of brown gunk i was like ok weird and then i had a heavy period that night and the next day it faded away and did the spotting thing for a couple days….and now here i sit a week later and then the past 2 nights sex has just been plain out weird the first night i was like ok that was weird then the second night when we were goin at it i was like you can’t tell me that doesn’t feel weird and he agreed that it did feel kinda weird but not a bad weird…

      Now i’m so emotional and my boobs are killing me, and my boobs are never sore (i’ve wrestled year round for 14 years so i’d nottice any pain in them and the only time they hurt is when they were moved the wrong way with alot of force) along with weird pains that are more annoying than anything in my lower abs and around there….

      Anyways any help at all would be great…i’m feeling paranoid like there is something wrong with me.

      oh and PS….i just got to japan about a week before i got the intense pain in my lower region…we have been doing the distance thing for over a year, gettin married as soon as all the military paperwork goes through…we are sexually active and don’t use protection…


        You definitely could be pregnant. But based on the pain and the heavy bleeding that day I think that you should go to a doctor and see what they say.
        Get a home pregnancy test and take it first thing in the morning.
        Keep us updated, ok?!


          You definately could be pregnant. The spotting makes me a bit worried. Definately get a test and see a doctor right away. If you are pregnant, just take it one day at a time. That’s how I got through it! Good luck, dear.


            Listen to that advice. It’s always a possibility, better to be safe than sorry. But don’t stress out about it and just take a test. You need to get in to see a doctor.


              Symptoms are a good sign.
              Bleeding could have been implantation but its not usually heavy so go and see if you are pregnant and if you are it needs to be looked at.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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