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      so i’m 15 and me and my bf have only been dating for a little over a month and we love eachother alot…we’ve dated
      before though…we have had sex acouple of time and he’s only busted in me once…the first couple of times we have had
      sex i was late on my period and it kinda scared us both…but i got it and on the last day of my period we had sex and
      thats when he irst busted in me…of course him being nice asked me if he culd and i said yeah go ahead. well idk ive
      been feeling dizzy and not myself. my mom know that we are dating but my dad doesn’t and i live with my dad so if
      anyone could give me a little advice or alot that would help a lot…i can’t really talk to anyone in my family about this thanx those of you that can help me.


        I am here if you want to talk… I am gonna be 15 soon and I am 38 weeks pregnant with a girl… So I dont get what you need advice on, the possability of being pregnant? Obviously it could happen if you purpously LET him cum in you, so dont be suprised if you are! : )


          So you are asking for advice on your situation…first if you are living with your dad and you are doing something he doesnt approve of you should really reconsider it…my dad sent me away when I was 13 for sneaking around and he didnt even know that I was having sex and smoking pot…..I am 25 now and my dad and I are just now back in a spot where there is trust and depth in our conversations my choices hurt him so badly and it has taken 12 years to make things right….I had to just humble myself to him and ask his forgiveness and it has set my heart free…second you are only 15 you should be focused on school or planning your future…if yo are planning on getting married and having a family one day then please stop and think…..are you putting yourself in a spot to contract a disease that you will pass on to your husband one day??? Are you going to end up with a child who will be unwanted by the father , I have 2 in that spot and I am maried now and they both have a new daddy but it is a stress on our family life…if their dads ever pop up one day and want to start having visitations then we will have an outside influence in our home and that can lead to destruction of the values we are instilling in our kids at home…..if you love eachother alot and plan on getting married one day then put that love to the test….can love endure a relationship without sex???? I made the choice when I was pregnant with my son to not have sex agan until I was married…I was with my husband for almost a year and a half before we got married and we saved sex for our wedding night….if you are so stubborn that you wont stop having sex please dont let him finish inside of you…the only way to guarantee that you wont get pregnant is abstinence and I highly recomend it for your health, your emotions, and your future happieness…….I hope that you will hear my heart and be willing to Stand Up and make new choices today….Meg

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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