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      Hi,im 16 and need advice:blush: ok i asked this questiOn already and some girls said yes and some said no…i’m on birth control pills but..(i dont take it at the same time every day like your suposed to) does that effect anything? some people said yes u can get pregnant while your on birth control..but here’s my story me and my boyfriend been doing it with out protection all the time but (still taking the pill) and i get my period still but i get symptoms and my stomach is like so blowted it sticks out like if i was about 5 months and is hard as a rock i took like 2 pregnancy tests an came up negative but it wasn’t a really good one….i just wanna know can u still be pregnant an get your period ???? because i heard it has happened! and i am scared cause i have a very high future ahead of me but please write back!!!

      -FLY GURL 07:kiss:


        go see a doctor right away and get tested so if you are pregnant you could be under a doctors supervision


          If you take your bc pills irregularly, it can affect whether or not you can get pregnant. You can also bleed during pregnancy, although it’s not called "menstruation" it’s just period-like. Go to the doc for a test!!!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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