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      Hey!! This is my situation and i need help urgently pls pls help me!!

      My bf and i had intercourse, but we didnt had sex…he just laid in me, kept still! Coz i was a virgin and we wanted to feel what it would feel like u know. So he wasnt even half way coz i was scared that he would break my virgin and stuff like that! but he didnt wear a condom and i dont know if he had pre-cum on but i logically i think he might hav….. but ok we stopped b4 things got to hectic! We were both scared!!

      Okay now about 4 days since it happened, everytime i go to the bathroom to go pee it burns…but its almost a week and a half now after that and its starting to feel better everytime i go…. but the day b4 yesterday (Sunday) when i went to the bathroom to go pee, it burnt again but i was really itchy down there and as i just wiped myself there was little blood (more like a reddish fluid like vaginal discharge but reddish, not much) so i thought okay my period is gonna start (and i learned today that its called spotting) so it was just that day and when i removed my tampon there was nuthing, and still is nothing so i started to get worried coz its not my period and no cramps!

      I dont feel any sickness or anything, and its almost been 2weeks now…. Whats the possibility of pregnancy??? and what is it with the spotting – i havent got that again… and the burning everytime i urinate is starting to fade!! So i guess thats getting better!! Im really worried!! So pls can someone tell me if i might b preggies or what and what can i do?? I still have vaginal discharge and no symptoms of any kind! Only that spotting that day… and my period is suppose to be around the 23rd and today is the 15th…so im waiting in patientce. So what if i dont get my period? what must i think and what can i do, and what if i get it, can i still b pregnant even tho i got it??? pls al these questions are actually really important for me to be answered so pls just help out!

      help would be very much appreciated…. pls!!


        i think you should relax about being pregnant as i really think you may have some kind of vaginal infection, more than likely thrush by the sounds of it! i was in teh same position as you actually last year.felt burning and had some blood. it was also really itchy and i waited like two weeks too never got any medicine cos i was too embarrassed, i didnt realise its just so common! the fact that you have waited two week slready probably means its going away now. but i think you should go to the doctor and just make sure you are all right now as im not a doctor!

        however if you didnt use any protection at all the possibility that your pregnant is still there. you can take an early HPT that a few days before you expect it.just to put your nerves to rest.

        yes you can still have your period when you are pergnant but it normally very light! this is the situation im in at the moment actually. im not sure if im pregnant or not but i really hope im not!

        well i hope everything goes ok for and you get everything you want! autumnxx


          you may have bled because you were a virgin even if you didnt go all the way it still can be sensitive. so many girls dont have a hymen because it’s ruptured at birth and just remains a small fold until its broken through so a lot of girls wont bleed at all or a lot. But i was in a situation where i thought i didnt go all the way but it was just far enough. It was painful for a few weeks after and i bled a little, plus it made my period late but thats normal- even if you swear up and down it wasnt far enough it was a change for your body.


            First of all calm down a bit. Breathe! I have to let you know that it does sound like you are pregnant. Some woman feel no real symptoms at all (the lucky few). You should wait until you miss your period and then take a HPT or go to a clinic. I would recommend a digital readout test, that way you know for sure and don’t have to worry that you misread the lines if they were faint or something like that. IT COULD ALSO POSSIBLE BE AN INFECTION. During intercourse (I know you don’t believe that’s what you had, but technically you did) your reproductive system produces a natural lubricant, this and the oils from your boyfriends body, could of gotten into your urinary tract and caused an infection. You should go to a doctor eaither way, but if the doctor isn’t yet a possibility I would take a HPT. Don’t worry until you have to hun!
            Hope that helps!

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