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      I once heard that small amount of sprem are released while having sex, but its difficult to get pregnant off of that….. so whats the info on that? because my friend is pregnant and the guy said that "he didnt finish" so it wasnt possible… (they had unprotected sex if you were wondering)


        Unfornutally it is true. Some sperm are released in the male pre-cum ( male lubercant ). It only takes one sperm to complete fertilization and if the conditions are hospitable to the sperm in the female body i.e fertile stage then the sperm can live up to 3 to 5 days. I knew a girl who did in fact get pregnant that way. It is rare, but does happend so be careful.

        Good Luck


          🙂 Hey, yes a girl can get pregnant that way. Men have something called pre-ejaculation sperm (that’s the wet stuff that comes out of a guys penis when aroused). Pre-ejaculation sperm can be just as and even more risky than sperm it’s self. It takes about 7 hours for sperm itself to die, sperm can even be stuck in the miniscule cracks in your skin. I’m not trying to scare you, but yes your friend can get pregnant even if he pulled out.


            Yes your right. Small amounts of sprem are relased during sex. (that clear sticky liquid is full of sprem.) Some women are just SOOOOOO fertile thats all they need to get pregnant, the guy doesn’t even need to finish!


              It sounds to me like you got some bad information. During sex a HUGE number of sperm are released. (It’s somwhere between 100 million and 300 million) I think what you might be talking about is pre-ejaculation fluid, just like some of the other posters have said. Pre-ejaculation fluid (or pre-cum) has a very high concentration of sperm all by itself though, so it can definately get you pregnant, even if he doesn’t finish.

              Also, one poster said that sperm can live up to 7 hours, but that is incorrect. Sperm can live up to 5 WHOLE DAYS in your body!


                Sperm is released the whole time during sex, so it is very possible that your friend is pregnant. I got pregnant with my daughter that way. He pulled out, but obviously it didn’t work. Oh to be young and stupid. And, sperm can live in a normal ph balanced vaginal enviroment for up to 72 hours. Otherwise pregnancies would be ultra rare. I hope that helps. Sounds like this guy needs to figure out how the whole thing really works before he starts having sex again. GL to your friend.


                Mrs. Butterfly

                  Sperm is sperm honey. Sperm penatrates the egg and POP! there you have it. It only takes on sperm no matter how much sperm gets released into the vagina.
                  Mrs. Butterfly

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