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      so let me start from the beginning…….

      i had sex on the 31st aug & 9th sept, i got my period on the 15-19 sept (oh yeah i have a cycle of 39-42 days)… around mid-oct i started to feel upset and just incase i took a test on the 3rd oct (i think) and got a BFN…..well i was supposed to get my period on the 23rd oct (if i go with 39 days, but if i go with 42 days its 26th oct) and AF was a no-show in the morning so i went to the movies that night and after the show i was waiting around with my sisters and all of a sudden i started getting this sharp pulling sensation of my naval cord, but it subsided after a few minutes….

      anyways just to be sure i waited and took a test on the 29th oct and yet again, i got another BFN…..well as of today (3rd nov) my boobs are kinda sore…..this either means that either my period is coming late for spite cause it likes to play games with me or im pregnant…….i dont have a dr and i dont know where the closet health centre is……im not worried or stressed cause my body likes to play tricks on me….

      i was just wondering what everyone thought of my situation…..well as of today i am 12 days late and counting……


        What is a BFN? Do you know anything yet? I know you’re scared just try to relax.


          hey there, im still late took another test this morning and got a BFN which stands for Big Fat Negative……oh yeah im not really scared just confused its either im pregnant or not, the waiting game just sucks

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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