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      ok, so i don’t know where to start. My guy is in jail now and i am back living with my mom until i can get on my feet again. I think i might be pregnant and well, i told my mom. I made a doctor’s apt and then told my mom when it is. She told me that if I am pregnant, that i have to have an abortion because she hastes the dad. She also told me that if I don’t, I wont have a place to live. I also have 2 other kids also. So I am lost and torn between my love for the life i might be carring inside of me and wanting a roof over my other children’s heads. i need some help in how to stand up to m mom, and then also how to tell my guy.

      much thanks,
      Brittany 🙁


        You just point out to your mom that if you are pregnant that just because she doesnt like the baby’s father that the baby is still part of you and also part of her and she should love him/her no matter what. Good luck to you and you family.


          Wow.. your in a rough place.. First off, your mom is telling you to get an abortion for all the wrong reasons .. well in my opinion every reason is wrong .. but that one is just out of the box and you probably know that .. Try and talk to her again and again and explain to her that you r baby shouldnt have to die because of her dislike for the father.. your child was thrown into this situation and its not their fault and therefore should have to be punished as a result. If you can think of anyway that you can raise your 3 children then do it .. if you dont think you can give this 3rd child the life they deserve the consider adoption… especially if your mom is real serious about what she is sayin.. either decision is difficult but atleast you will know that your baby is having a good life and you didnt have to kill them because of what someone else wanted.. its all up to you and i kno u kno that so make the right choice.. god bless


            this is rediculus. how can she throw u and two children out on tha street if u decide not to kill ur baby(if u are pregnant). do u have anyfriends who would be willing to take ur ar at least ur kids in, or other family. maybe his family will help u out. how long is this guy in jail for? maybe u can tell ur mom u’ll give tha kid up for adoption after its born and if ur guy’s in jail for less than 9 months u can go back with him and get on with your life. or maybe u’ll be able to get situated and find a place soon. but in tha mean time u should remind her that even though she hates tha dad, this baby is apart pf u too and also apart of her. if she hate tha baby she’s hating u and herslf.


              I see you have a delima on your hands. Will you be able to provide for all three children, that is something to think about

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