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      elp me please!!


        You should most likely get to a clinic ASAP. There is the chance that he could have torn something or given you something. Or you could just be feeling awkward after such an emotional experience. Either way feeling anything like this for so long after intercourse is not normal and should be checked by your doctor soon. Good luck and hope all is well!


          its most likely that you are not having pregnancy symptoms because it takes about 4 weeks for it to kick in, but you never kno every1 is different. if you think you are pregnant wait untill you miss a period then take a test if you do. i think the pain you feeling could maybe just b period signs… although you never know good luck


            What was mentioned earlier, it is different for every single pregnancy. My best advice is not to worry over nothing, because your body will make up pregnancy symptoms. Get to a doctor ASAP to get a blood test or any further tests done, because they will always diagnose you correctly. Good luck. 🙂


              ok so if you had unprotected sex which is really irresponsible but im not going to go there. it is to early to feel pregnant or even do a test, so i think you should see a doctor and get tested for STD’S and any infection you may have court getting pregnant isnt the only worry when having un-protected sex. other wise you should wait until you have missed you period and do a pregnancy test. good luck either way.


                thanks guys for the opinions…turns out all is well 🙂

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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