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      well since august i didnt start my period. so around october i was drinking pop and all of a sudden i puked. then i told my bf to get me pregnancy test. it came up positive… and since then i got bigger tender boobs, more hungry, alot of headaches. sometimes backaches… then in october i had a period for one week.. then this month November, i took two test and it was saying not pregnant.. but my stomach is getting huge. im puking… even since November 2011 the condom broke . so idk what to do… Still havent told the parents


        Hey there, My name is Meg….I suggest contacting , Go to their site, Enter your postal code and it will give you the contact info for the closest Pregnancy Help Center near you where you can get a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL test, many of them have ultrasounds available too….I am not a doctor but I have heard many stories from many women, ranging from early miscarriage to being so far along that a pregnancy test is not accurate….You could be one or the other or somewhere in between….The only way you will find out for sure what is going on with your body is to take that test and or be seen by a doctor… is a good first place to start….In the meantime, Please avoid all sexual contact so that if you are not pregnant, you do NOT risk pregnancy while you wait to find out…make sense? If you have not talked with your parents yet, then I take it you feel they would not be proud of your decision to engage in sexual activity….It might be a good time to talk with them, break the ice and let them know about the decisions you have made, that way, if you are pregnant, or end up pregnant, they will be a little more prepared to hear news like that as they will know you have placed yourself at risk….Anyways, I am here for you and I hope you will write back and let me know what you find out! Love Meg

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