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      Hi there

      I was wondering i was due to start my period on dec 25 but i got my period on the 23rd. Very unusual for me, it has come late but not early. Anyways it was slightly dark but sometimes it was normal red. It only lasted a day. So I has sex on dec 11 (ovulation) me and my boyfriend are TTC. So my wuestion is is that could this be implation bleeding or something else?
      Please answer i’m confused.


        Well it could be because during my second pregnancy that is what happened to me that is how I know how i was pregnant


          Yes theres a big chance it could be implantation bleeding. I bled around about when my period was due for 2 days very lightly and it was about 10 days after i had conceived. U can often mistake this for ur period when it isnt. Get a test asap i say. Gd luck xxx


            It still seems a little early to do a test but you could give it a try and for a better result if its a negative and you feel icky then go for another retest. Thats what i would probably do anyways.Good Luck!!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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