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      I might be pregnant, but I’m not sure. For the past few months, i’ve been alittle late on my periods. My last period was feb 2, and i think that i’m having signs of pregnancy….. but i’ve never been pregnant, so i don’t really know.
      (I’ve been sexually active… without protection.) I told my friend about everything that’s been happening, but she doesn’t think I’m pregnant, she thinks that it’s just signs of my period. (she told mye that pregnancy symptoms can be the same as signs of your period) the first thing that happened was I woke up at like 3 a.m. with heartburn so bad that I could barely stand it. Then I started throwing up. I was sick from then until alittle bit after noon. The rest of the day, I was REALLY naseous. I couldn’t even think about food. (my friend told my that it wasn’t morning sickness. she said that with morning sickness, you throw up and then you feel better.) And most days, I’m really tired during the day, but i can’t sleep at night. sometimes, i’ll stay up until around 5 a.m. because i can’t sleep. And i have odd food cravings. (Things that I’ve never really craved before, like pineapples, and pickles, and lemon flavored food.)
      And my breast are starting to get bigger, but the aren’t really sore. I have know idea what else it could be, but friend (she is pregnant with her 2nd child) doesn’t think i’m pregnant. Please give me advise on what you think. I would be VERY grateful!


        Have you tried taking a HPT? If you haven’t had a period since early Feb that is od and pregnant or not, you should go to the doctor and get checked out just to make sure that everything is ok. Let us know how it goes.


          Theres a big chance you could be pregnant those are all pregnancy symptoms Morning sickness can go on all day. I woukld take a home pregnancy test and if your poeriod doesnt show up in another week or so get your doctor to do a blood test.


            your last period was feb. 2?! .. i would say take a test if ur that late! .. and no morning sickness doesnt just mean u throw up in the morning then ur fine .. ive been soo sick.. so nautious .. and it lasts the entire day and i dont feel better… i would deff. go to the doctors and get a blood test done
            good luck


              I throw up and still feel like crap. Take a pregnancy test, that’s the only way you’ll know for sure. Don’t stress yourself too much about it either, I did that once and I got fake pregnancy symptoms because of it. Relax and take a test, let us know how it went!


                everyone reacts differently when it comes to morning sickness… with my first pregnancy i was never sick at all…. irregular periods is a sign, especially if yours has always been clockwork…. you do have odd cravings as well…. but you should test just to be sure, because each person is different… and each time can be different too…. she might be telling you youre not, because your symptoms are not the same as hers was and/or is…. trust me each one is different…. ive already had 2 kids, and i might be on my third one now….

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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