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      My options

      I am looking for input from those of you who have “been there, done that”…. Your opinions on which is better and hopefully some personal experiences


      My Mom’s (if she comes around)

      My Dad’s (but I haven’t asked about this possibility yet)

      Other Family (Same as above)

      BD (He would love it but he live so far away from school and I don’t want to change)

      Public assistance (a possibility but where I live they are very bad)

      Shelter (maybe but most of them have a time limit)

      Continuing School:

      Quite (I really don’t want to)

      Continue at home (requires a lot of self-discipline)

      Continue at school (having to deal w/ annoying ppl who don’t understand)

      If the BD stays with me, which he says he will, then I won’t have to worry about material needs for the baby or pre-natal care, because he says he will help out w/ both, he has a very good, steady job…. But I fear we will have a fight and break up or he will chicken out once the baby comes and leave


        Sweetie, here’s something you should consider. Take a look around. Open your eyes hun. I’m going to be straight forward with you. So if you don’t want hard truth stop reading this. I’m not being insensitive, cuz i’ve been there. i have had two pregnancies. Yes, I’m aware that im only 14. But, hey i’m almost 15. Anywayz, first if your parents don’t know. TELL THEM. Consider your options. No one can tell you what you do. You have to deicide 4 urself. Secondly, i dont care what you think is the easist. i’m not saying ur bf doesn’t luv u, but maybe he’s not the best choice 4 ur BABY. Stop thinking about urself. Rite now u need 2 do the following: Make a list of all the possibilites. (i’m glad u r thinking ahead) i know u may want 2 continue school, but maybe put it on hold 4 a little while. i’m not saying never go back. Maybe wait until they stop nursing, so u don’t have 2 shift the baby. Also some schools, have a daycare 4 students w/ kids. u should check out that possibility.


          I have to tell you that you can’t predict the future totally as far as all the what if’s. sounds like you have a plan and that is good. if things dont all go as according to plan it doesnt matter. things will owrk out. at least you will have you baby! that is the most important.

          you can always finish school later or take a class or 2 even -anything.
          if you need other help there are somany resources out there. maybe i can help if you need to find something specific.

          i would risk anything and take the hard road and sacrifice anything in order to have my baby back. i had an abortion years ago and it was the biggest mistake of my life. i didnt realize at all the impact it would have on me forever.

          i was just thinking of all the what if and being aloone and having no help, i had no one to talk to and felt so alone. my boyfriend at that time, bullied me into it. never let anything, anyone or situation make the dession for you- you will regret it. trust me. your mind will start playing tricks on you and you have a bad day or a fight and think you cant do this. dont listen to those lies. you can do this!
          everything will be ok even when it feels it wont. keep your baby and step by step you will find the way. thats what all of us have to do. there is no easy way for anyone no matter if you have a great job or not. you always think the time is not good now-well in all honesty, it will always seem that way. you may never think it is a good time to have a baby but the fact is you are pregnant with this child for a reason and please continue to do the right thing as you already are.


            So, basically I shouldn’t try to plan ahead? I do think my bf will make a great father… My mom knows but she said she won’t support me which is why I said I wasn’t sure if it would be an option.


              Wait, where are you living now, with your mom? Or on a college campus or something? Ideally, you shouldn’t have to move- your mind and body will be going under enough stress as it is.

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