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      So I’m 20 yrs old and just found out I’m pregnant, and I know I need to tell my parents. I don’t live with them any more. Didn’t get kicked out or anything, just living with my bf and some friends, which they know about. The only thing is my parents are fairly religious, roman catholic at that. It’s how i was raised, so abortion wasn’t even an option for me. and neither is adoption. My bf is ok with this all, neither of us planned on it thats for sure. I have just finished my 2nd year of college, and that’s my biggest concern, I know i need to have a plan for school, especially when i tell my parents. Getting an education is their number one priority for me right now. I hate feeling that i’m disappointing them… SO does anyone have any ideas on what the best way to break it to them is, im sure there are quite a few people reading this who have been in my situation, any and all suggestions would be so greatly appreciated.


        Hey! I’m 15,and 7 months pregnant.I’m in my GSCE year,and I’m doing exams at the minute,however,I’m going back to school for two years to do A-levels,then I’m hoping to go to university. Before I told my parents i thought that having a baby would completely muck up my education,but once you tell your parents and talk over what’s best for you,things won’t seem so complicated.

        Don’t leave it too long until you tell your parents.I did,because I was terrified of their reaction,Once I’d told them and they’d got over the shock,I really wished I’d told them sooner.I would have had their support right from the outset and it would have saved me so much worrying.

        Just go round their house some day,with or without your boyfriend,sit them down,and break it to them gently.Say you know it’s a shock,but it isn’t the end of the world.Say you hope you can rely on them for their support.Reassure them that YOU are ok,and tell them you’re going to finish your education.Also,remind them that worse things can happen-you could have a terminal illness or something. They will be really shocked,and there will be a lot of tears,but at the end of the day,they are your parents and they love you.

        Also,sometimes the ones you expect to be most horrified,suprise you by being the opposite.My gran is really strictly Christian,but once we told her she was behind me 100%,and now she’s delighted.Good luck =]


          if ur parents are as religous as u say then they should look apon this as a blessong not a mistake or ne thing just tell them…let them know that it was not planned but u plan to be a great mother and hope that they will be there for their grandchild…..

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