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      My friend recently found out she is pregnant….her mom and boyfriend dont want her to have it…i think she wants her baby but isnt sure because of her mom and boyfriend….what can i say to her to help her not choose to get rid of her baby?


        Tell her that it is her choice. That everything happens for a reason and that if she gives up her baby she will regret it (most people go into depression) No matter what anyone says or does that you will be by her side and support her threw it.


          Please make your friend realize how much guilt is required into getting an abortion. The hard work you have to put in to raising a baby is SO worth it, in the end. I don’t have a child but I’m hoping to have one. Let her read a few stories of the girls who got abortions.

          Ask her this- Would you rather be happy and unguiltful/depressed with the baby, with hard work and effort knowing that something that YOU made is still alive and you didn’t murder him/her or take the easy way out and be scarred emotionally? :dry:

          Hope I helped!
          Let me know what she decides to do.

          B) Love,


            Oh well tell her congrats! Should should keep the baby is she really wants too! I mean they’re so much fun to play with and watching them grow is amazing! My friend had a baby and here’s what she told me when I was thinking about getting rid of mine. "Even if your parents don’t want you to keep the baby you should keep it because it’s yours, you’re gonna be having a son or a daughter, and the labor is painful but you forget about all of the pain and the stress right when you see your baby. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world. And they may be mad at you and then they’ll realize that they’re going to be grandparents and they’re not gonna want to miss that. " There is so much joy to being a parent and you should point that out! Being a parent mean responsibility but it also means having a child who you can love forever and always, who you can watch, whose going to one day call you mommy. It is a completely mind blowing experience my friend told me and that’s what you should tell her! Good luck!!! I hope I helped a little!


              I think shes probably thinking she cant do it, make it, and that life will change so drastically and it will be horrible.
              Maybe suggest this site…after all, girls have had babies here, and their lives havent ended. As far as I know, most of them dont regret the choices they made either…


                tell her congrats n that you will be thee for her n show her this sight so she can look at others who had abortion, tell her its her choice n she can do it you think shell be a great mommy.,also get the # for birthright off of here its under girl help n they can help her out big time.good luck i hope she keeps her baby keep us all posted


                  tell her that it’s not their choice if she keeps the baby it’s hers, its her body and her baby!….and if she aborts the baby and doesn’t want to she will beat herself up inside for ever!…tell her we are all here for her and u be there for her, be a shoulder for her to cry on!…


                    Well, fist of all let her know that she is the only person who has the absolut choice in deciding what to do about her pregnancy. Let her know about each option, and show her some pictures online of aborted babies, so she could see the truth of it. Also, let her know that even though her mother disoproves of her being pregnant and wants her to get an abortion, that she will eventually love the baby and will be so happy her grandson or grandaughter is in this world. Let her know you will always be there for her.



                      Tell her that it is her choice what she does, but if you were her, you would keep the baby. Raise it, and tell her that it will be the most beautiful baby in the world. Everything happens for a reason, it may be challenging, but everything works out in the end. Even if her mother and boyfriend are going to support her, throughout this challenging journey, there will always be other friends and family that will. I guess she just has to be up for the challenge of everything, and that things will be different. But once she goes to the doctor, and hears the heartbeat and gets to see what the baby actually looks like inside her body, she will probably just break because of how amazing of a thing that is. Let her know that you will be there no matter what, and tell her once again that it is NOT her mothers or even the babys dads choice on what happens, its all hers. So best of luck, hopefully she makes the right decision! 🙂

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