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      Ok so, ussually i have a period that lasts about 5 days takes a break comes back for a day or so than is gone, but this time on may 16, whaen i ussually get it it was not as long as my ussual period and it was irregular, but i don’t know if it was from stress or not because i rolled my vehicle on the first or secone day of my period, so i thought it stopped because of the adrenaline, but now i got some wierd symptoms wich i ne ver gat and some that i do, i never have sore nipple but now I do, but my lower back hurts just like it would before my period except this time its allot more often, and i did have unprotected sex, but im not reallt sure what to think, I don’t really want to get a blood test, scared of needles, and i don’t think its soon enouph for a test, and i don’t really want to waist my money on one, this is so confusing and i have benn trying to ignore this, but what should i do, what do you think about all this? :unsure: Oh and i have some times been feeling nasious but i don’t know if that cause of a cold or something or if it has something to do with all this, i get sick easily.


        i would stop stessing about it first. if you keep stressing it could prolong your period. . wait a few more days or so , then just spend the money on the test and take it. there really isnt anything else you can do. you know my friends and i always joke around saying. . if you are really late for your period and dont want to spend all the money on the expensive pee tests, go to the dollar store.. if that one says your positive you know your definitely pregnant loL :D:D just to keep the humor around when times get rough! ! i hope things work out.. and its helpful
        i ll be praying



          thank you teka, and i really appreciate it!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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