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      i’m a bit worried about my friend. she usually does tend to always be on a bit of an emotional roller coaster, she’s been snapping much more frequently and she’s also been feeling nauseas. however, she is someone who NEVER just feels sick. I’m pretty confident that she isn’t pregnant (we’re both on the same pill and have never had problems before.) but i’m still a bit concerned about her. i wanted some advice on what to do if she is in fact pregnant. i know she is contemplating an herbal abortion, which from research i’ve found is even riskier than a medical abortion. i just wanted to know if anyone knew anything about this. thanks if you do



        It sounds like you are a good friend. Has your friend actually taken a pregnancy test to determine if she is pregnant? You could go with her to buy and take a pregnancy test to find out. If she is pregnant I would advise her to come to this site and look at the consequenses of abortion before she decides to have one. Also if your friend is not pregnant and knows that she does not want to be pregnant at this point in her life she could consider waiting to have sex until she is ready for the responsibility of the consequences of pregnancy. She will need emotional support. Don’t turn against her or judge her for her decisions, but try to persuade her that there are other options besides abortion.


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          well the thing is, its only been about two weeks. so she hasn’t actually had her missed period yet. so its too early to tell, but she was convinced for a while since shes never sick. wel thanks for the advice. i’m not judging her at all.the only problem i’m having is she and i are so close, i always feel everything shes getting. so its a bit annoying when i start feeling nauseas

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