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      hi, I am 20 years old, and I am in my second year of nursing school. I just found out I was pregnant. my baby is due in November. My boyfriend is is the marines, he is very supportive but he lives almost 15 hours away and is going to iraq in July. He doesn’t want me to get an abortion, and I don’t know what I should do. It is hard enough having a long distance relationship. I can’t tell my parents, they will kill me. They are very supportive parents but i cant tell them this, I dont know what they will do. I want to finish school. I read other people’s stories about the tragedy of abortion, and I have already looked at the pictures of what my baby should look like right now. This is the hardest decision I have ever had to make. Is there any advice anyone could give me. Please help. None of my friends have been through this and they are all suggesting abortion! 🙁


        Hey, you sent the sweetest reply to one of my posts in the feedback section. Congratulations about your little one. It’s wonderful that your boyfriend is being supportive. God works in mysterious ways…sometimes when you think things won’t work out, they do! You can still go to nursing school, maybe not full time but anything is possible. Get an education for you and your beautiful growing baby’s future. Before you tell your parents, think of what you want to say so it’s not as stressful, the good and the bad, this child is apart of them, they’ll be grandparents!! I really hope things work out for you. Make decisions for yourself, don’t listen 100% to your friends. You can do anything you put your mind to…keep your head up and never loose faith!! 🙂


          Hi There,
          I encourage you to stay strong, and to have you little one. Abortion is such a terrible thing. It is something that you live with the rest of your life. And you have to remember that the baby didn’t do anything. I understand the parent thing, because my parents are similar, I thought they might be disappointed in me or somthing like that. They ended up being supportive of my decision to keep my baby, and they are excited about being grandparents. It would be a good idea to tell you parents, because I am sure you could use the support from them. It’s always nice to have a few people behind you during pregnancy. I will be praying for you, and hope everything works out well.
          :side: :cheer:


            hi. i was 21 and a senior in college when i found out i was pregnant. i could not have been angrier. i was angry at myself for being stupid enough to get pregnant. i was angry at my boyfriend and i was angry at my poor unborn child. i decided to have an abortion but couldn’t go through with it. my daughter is now 8 months old and just the best little baby in the whole world. i look at her smile and cry when i realize how close i came to aborting her. there are times that i think maybe i should have given her up for adoption but never for abortion. do what you have to do but please know that that child did nothing wrong. if you can survive the pregnancy, give your baby to a good home. if you think your home will be a good home then by all means keep him or her. don’t let anyone tell you that you are too young or won’t be a good mother. no one could have ever thought i’d be the great mother i am today. if you want to talk, please feel free to email me. good luck


              Hi, I was so touched by your post. I had just finished nursing school when I got pregnant. I made the WRONG decision, and if I could spare just one woman the agony of that mistake it would help me to bear my sorrow. I remember so well the way you are feeling now. I had worked so hard to get my degree, and now a baby!! I had planned to live it up a while, get settled, a nice home and everything must be just right before a BABY! How stupid I was! First let me address the statement you made about your family being upset. That was a big factor in my decision as well. Now I realize the truth. Yes they will be upset at first, naturally, but honey in time that child will be their pride and joy. Do you think they would want their grandchild killed? No, not likely. They will be upset at first for your sake. They will get over it. That child is a part of them as well, and all the family you love. Then, you mention your boyfriend, it sounds like you love him. Oh if so, it will be a thousand times harder if you abort. Please don’t do it. You will grieve for the rest of your life. My abortion was over 20 years ago, and every year I picture my child as he/she would have looked at that age, and I think of the things he/she would be doing at that age. You may be facing less than a perfect situation, but it really is a blessing in disguise. Don’t loose it. Have faith, take one day at a time, and one day you will look back and won’t believe you ever considered abortion. How I would love to trade places with you. Don’t become me. I am praying for you. God Bless.


                Hi, I just wanted to say thank you to the people who responded to my post. I ended up telling my parents the other day and to my surprise they took it a lot better than I thought. They are not thrilled, but they are supportive and will help me. Right now I have made the decision NOT to have an abortion. I really was touched by all of your stories. At this point I am not sure if keeping the baby or putting it up for adoption would be the best choice but I do know that my baby will have a chance to live and I will give it the best life I can.
                THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH

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