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      Ok I had an abortion on the 5th of this month and now I really do want to be pregnant I did before but my parents told me over and over that it would ruin my life but now, I just don’t care what they say its my life and I know that I won’t fail. Is it stupid of me to want to be pregnant? My bf thinks that if we do this again i’ll just get another abortion and he isn’t ready. Should I try and convince him?I don’t know I just really want this more than anything right now.


        You may not be familiar with this, but there is a term called post abortion syndrome. Most women who have undergone an abortion will experience emotional side effects. The side effects can include things like depression, anger, denial, anxiety, alcohol abuse, suicide and trying to get pregnant immediately after the abortion.

        Many women try to get pregnant right away to fill the place of the child that they lost. There is nothing wrong with wanting a child, but if it were me, I would wait a while and heal before you take steps to become a mother. You want to make sure that you can give your child-to-be the very best.

        At pregnancy resource centers they have healing programs for women who have suffered an abortion. All you have to do is go to, click on "find a center", type in your zip code and a list of pregnancy resource centers will appear. Just call one and ask about their post-abortion support programs. The program is free and there are so many people at the center who will be happy to help you.

        In my opinion, right now, may not be the best time for you to have a child. When thinking about getting pregnant it’s good to think about what is best for your child. Over and over again research has shown that children do best when their parents are married to each other. It’s true.

        I will always be grateful to my parents. They had both my sister and me when they were married. My dad and my mom waited until my dad had finished his doctorate to start a family. They knew that while he was still in school it would be so hard to provide for a family. I am so glad that they waited because my sister and I were raised in a situation where my parents could afford to raise us and give us the attention and care that we deserved.


          Hi, my name is Terah and I’m 17 right now. I was 16 and a junior in high school when my son was born. Let me tell you that it’s been difficult.

          I was supposed to go to an alternative school for next school year and now I’m trying to get back into my old high school so I can graduate with my class with a high school diploma. That’s not the only problem I’ve had either. People have been a problem because I was told I couldn’t do things and I lost a lot of friends and all of that because of being pregnant and having my son. It can get pretty straining, both emotionally and physically.

          But that’s enough of a lecture, let me let you in on a little secret. For the past 2 months all I’ve wanted was to get pregnant again, even though my son is only 3 months old. I’ve listened to a lot of people saying the same thing and it’s finally hit me that I need to wait and stablize my life before I create another. The feeling will subside with time and with talking to people a lot. That’s what helped me.

          I wish you the best of luck with whatever you do decide to do.


            Hey, I totally know how you feel I had an abortion on 11/11/05 and it feels like yesterday and literally the next day I wanted that baby back inside. I cried my eyes out begging my bf to get me pregnant again and he was all for it or so he said but he knew I was going through post abortion syndrome. I would eat and sleep sex to have a baby but after a while, about a year, I finally came to my senses and decided that I can’t do this to myself or to my bf. Dont focus on having another baby it will drive you mad. Focus on school, work, getting to understand why you really had the abortion and you’ll eventually come to the realization that… what it is having another baby will not replace the previous one.


              Thanks for the advice, I think I will wait. I’m going to get some schooling in and make sure my boyfriend and I can make it, and that i’m financially ready for a baby and my own house or apt. Thank you for making me realise that. One day i’ll be ready and i’m really looking forward to it.


                I just really wish I could go back in time and realise…I don’t want this I can’t do this. I need to leave.

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