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      i’m very confused and depressed. Tomorrow afternoon, i’ll have to undergo an abortion. The thing is I’m sitting on the couch right now, unable to do much. I don’t understand this, my boyfriend who said that he’ll be supporting me through this had fell sleep hours ago without any worry about tomorrow. I told him that I was feeling bad and asked him to hold me, he said that I’ll be fine and went back to sleep. I feel so lost and alone.


        Hey sweetie, My name is Meg and I want you to know that I understand how it feels to be pregnant and scared and to want someone to hold you and not have that available. You do not have to go to the appointment, I don’t know why you are getting an abortion but I can tell you from experience that an unexpected pregnancy does not have to ruin your life, rather it can bring more meaning and contentment to your life, whether your boyfriend sticks around or not. There are tons of resources available to moms, if you are afraid of losing your boyfriend then chances are getting the abortion will just speed up his leaving, if you are afraid of financial responsibility I can assure you that there is tons of help out there like food stamps and WIC and state medical, if you are afraid of looks I have received enough for both of us and more but it has not prevented me form loving my children and being a wonderful mom, if you are worried about your family they will eventually come around, if you are worried about school there are many women who have finished school with babies. A baby may seen overwhelming right now but you have 9 months to get used to the idea and to prepare, just hold on and give this little life that is a part of you the chance to bring you the most joy and happiness that you could ever experience. You need to Stand Up and face this with hope, don’t rush off and do something you will regret because of fear…you can do this…we are all here for you on SUG…many prayers and much love…Meg, please don’t go to the appointment, your baby needs you


          Why do you want the abortion? It doesn’t sound like you want this at all. I have never met a person that had an abortion and was okay afterwards. Your boyfriend might be just as worried as you, but sometimes guys dont show their emotions. We are all here for you. Please dont make a mistake. COnsider adoption at least. How far along are you? I will be praying for you.


            Don’t go through with it unless it’s what you want, and it doesn’t sound like you want that at all….Make your own decision – not someone else’s.


              The girls at SUG will be here for you no matter what you…of that I’m sure.
              But please don’t kill your baby. There is a living baby inside you, and it relies on you for its life. That may be the best gift that you ever have in life — please don’t just throw it away.


                It sounds to me like you know in your heart that you don’t want an abortion. Please just think about it a little longer, and know that there are so many ways that you can receive help. There are 2 other options than abortion out there, that give the little life inside you a chance to grow and be the wonderful person that he/she wants to be. You are your child’s only advocate right now, and you are the only one who can say yes to an abortion. Please, think of that little life inside you right now, hoping to meet you face to face some day. My prayers are with you! Please let us know how things turn out! 🙂


                  (cont) he has a big influence on me, and really want me to get an abortion. Thanks again for your kindness. I’ll have to do lots of thinking.


                    I think I’ll tell my mom. It’ll upset her but at the end I will think she’ll be a great support. My culture finds this unacceptable. But I think I’ll do the right thing. I just now having to face the fact that I’ll have to leave my boyfriend. It’s gonna be as difficult. I love him so much, but he never really supports me when there’s a challenge in our life.


                      Dont go. Worst mistake youll make. Dont let ppl shove you about.
                      Just go down the street and pretend to get it done..

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