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      im 17 and i think im pregnant…
      i havent gotten a period since feb 13, and i’ve had 5 negative pregnancy tests. im really worried that i might be pregnant and if i am im worried something might be wrong….
      has anyone else gone through this?!?
      not only this but im terrified of telling my mom, who isnt actually my mom, she’s my gaurdian, but the closest thing i’ve ever had to a parent since i was 15. im just utterly terrified and worried and really need help. emotionaly im a wreck, especially since my parents werent very good parents and im worried i’ll end up like them….my father is abusive and my mom just isnt there…im so lost and confused right now….
      if anyone has any advice or anything please talk to me!


        Hey hun..I would def. go to a doctor or a clinic to get a pregnancy test done..i took 2 tests that were negative but I was actually pregnant..good luck and keep me updated!


          You should go to a doctor and get a blood test….if you are 5-6 weeks late and have a negative test go to a pregnancy resource center and get a free ultra-sound….most of them have the equipment now…You should stop having sex that is the only way that you know you wont get pregnant….form th esounds of it you have had a rough life…sex wont make you feel better….in the end it will make you feel just as unwanted as your parents have made you feel…save yourself for marriage (I may have messed up alot of times in my past with other guys but I didnt have sex with my husband until our wedding night and I have found self worth again) it is worth the wait and you wont ever have to fell confused or guilty again either….tell your guardian your situation and face the music….Meg


            Hey! My name is Tiffany. I know how you fell about not having your period in a while. My last period was Feb. 02 and I’ve had two neg. results. I’m 19 but i’m kinda scared too. I don’t have the same parent situation as you, but if you need to talk to anyone, I’m here if you need me. 🙂 And you should let your mom know that you might be pregnant. Just incase there’s something wrong and you need to go to the doctor. But let me know if you find out anything…. and don’t forget that you can talk to me if you need too.


              hey ,
              my name is Breanne and I went through the same thing and so did my cousin. I was put into the hospital becuase of complications with the whole pregnancy thing but my cousin had the same thing happen that you are having right now. she was really stressing out and she also missed her period but took a pregnancy test and came out negative also .. she and I went to the doctor and the doctor told her that it was alright and since she had been so stressed about it that she missed a month of her period. Im not sure if this will help you or not but if you need anything let me know.



                The first thing you have to remember now is that your life can only be what you make of it. Though you were the victim of a bad situation as regards your parents, it is really up to you to be a victim of this any further. The only way you can escape a downward spiral that they started is by putting your foot down and making sure you’re careful with your life.

                Okay, let’s talk about the possibilty that you may be pregnant. It is possible that you aren’t and that your period is just delayed. I’ve had a friend who didn’t have a period for around three months. She didn’t tell me about it because she knew that I’d be worried for her. Your being stressed out may be contributing to it. Most of the pregnancy tests you can buy now are quite reliable and if you’ve had five all turning out negative, then chances are that you’re quite safe.

                Now, the more important stuff.

                Honey, the only way you can make sure that you don’t become a total victim of your parents’ lives is by being smarter and ultra careful. That means begging off sex as much as possible. You’re not married and sex is not something you just do when there’s nothing better on the tube. I’m sorry if I sound harsh but your being on this site must already have shown you how hard some girls have had it since they became parents. A good many of them are really making a good fight in terms of fixing up their lives for the sake of their children but it really would’ve been simpler if they weren’t. It really is easier to study if you’re not supposed to breastfeed, clean the baby, help with the burping, etc.

                Please beg off sex for now. I’m not even one for safe sex anymore because, as you can see from the other stories here, it isn’t really all that safe either.

                Spend more time with your mom, both your biolgical mom and your guardian. Try to understand them and see why they are the way they are. I mean, really, your guardian is one hell of a woman for having taken you in. You biological mom is also someone to look up to even in the slightest because she had enough sense to realize that she didn’t know how to take care of you.

                Though it seems great to have a buddy in a child, it really is better to be more prepared for a baby. Prepared in terms of having a complete family, a mom and a dad who both have finished school and have work and have no qualms (especially for the dad) of giving up nights on the town with buddies. Having children is a wonderful responsibility. CHildren are not pets that are cute. They are human beings that we are gifted with and are responsible for.

                Make sure that when you are blessed with a child, you yourself will be a blessing to your child as well.

                Please feel free to contact me anytime.



                  Oh I am so sorry that you are going through all of this. I just want to let you know that it will be ok. You can do it, there are so many girls on this site that are living proof of that. If you choose to make an effort to be the best parent that you can be, you will be a good one. Nobody is a perfect parent. Have you taken a HPT yet? If not, that should be your first step. Next you should go to the doctor becase it has been way too long since you have had a period. If you feel comfortable, you should tell your gaurdian what is going on and have her go with you for support. Sometimes adult’s reactions may surprise you. We are all here for you 🙂 Keep us posted on what is going on.


                    honestly i think the best thing u should do is tell your mom because if u havent gotten ur period and ur tests are comin out negative then she should be aware of this. if ne thing is wrong with u (God forbid) she should kno about it because shes probably the only one that would ever want the best for u. and if theyre all comin out negative then the doctors should look into that a little bit further. but yeah u should tell ur mom, basically one of the last people to kno i was pregnant was my mom and i regreted it so bad not tellin her because she was more upset and hurt becasue i didnt tell her than my actuall pregnancy. good luck with everything


                      hi there, my name is Sarah I am 14, soon to be 15 and in the 37th week pregnant. I am sorry to say that I am not in your situation so it would probably be hard for you to accept advice from me… I find it weird that you havent had a period in so long cause alot could be going on. They say that you can never trust a pregnanct test…but after five I would be a little suspicious. Before you get to worried, why dont you try going to the doc with a close friend or someone…they can tell you for sure if you are pregnant. Please keep and touch and let me know if you are pregnant, you can always talk to me if there is no one else! : )


                        well you may be preg n you may not be getting your per. cause of stress you should go to a clinic like planned parenthood or a place like birthright where you can get a free confidental test to see, cause some people home tests dont work and they may have to do blood work i didnt think i was going to be a good mom cause my dad was a drunk my mom was great, but i thought for sure i would turn out like him but i didnt i think im a pretty good mom i have 6 kids n one on the way.i would wait to find out if you are or not before you tell your guardian if thats poss. if not than dont be scared maybe some else could tell her. i know its scarey i got preg with my daughter when i was 18 n my teacher told my dad. so youll get threw it n if you ever need someone to talk to im on here well good luck mommy6


                          hi, my name is Evette and I’ve haven’t gotten my period since February 19, and it’s April 12. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative too. But the best thing I could tell you to do is take a trip to the clinic because it would be more accurate than a home pregnancy test.

                          if you have anymore questions just ask!!!


                            I don’t have much advice, but I thought i’d let you know that I’m in the same boat. I’m 17 too, haven’t gotten my period since February, and 3 tests have been negetive, but i feel like something definatly might be up. Unless I wait for someone to ask me or actually start to show or something,I don’t know how I’m going to find out. Obviously the best thing to do would be to tell someone so I can find out for sure, and start taking the needed precautions, but like you said, it’s so hard to work up enough courage for that,

                            best of luck <3


                              go and get a blood test. its the only way u can really know for sure……… and five negative pregnancy tests would suggest youre not pregnant but i dont know all the science behind them and if you took all five before you were due for your first period then they could be wrong. but yea anyway definitely get a blood test and try not to stress until you have the results


                                Were the pregnancy tests posititve or negative. I assume positve since you’re scared. Whatever you do please don’t get an abortion. I did and it was the absolute worst decision I ever made in my life EVER!!!! I hate myself now. You can be a good mother and you can get through this, It is not impossible. Just please don’t get an abortion.

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