Natrual child birth

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      I’m really really wanting to persue this , but i dont really have any support except for my sister, who just gave birth to her 3rd baby all natraul, ALL 11 POUNDS OF HIM (:

      ive been reading alot and it seems like something i would really like to do.

      what does everyone think???

      sophia roses mummy

        hello πŸ™‚
        well i had a baby girl in november 2009 πŸ™‚
        and i had gas and air and pain relif
        it still HURT LIKE MAD!! but it was 100% worth it!!
        i would talk to your doctor about it and your partner if you’re still together or whatever and have a good think about it!
        πŸ˜€ lots of love gabby x


          I believe natural birth is the best way to go, in my opinion. Although, it isnt for everyone and there are some mothers who need help.

          I believe and know our bodies can do it naturally. God designed us to give birth and made us strong enough to handle everything else that comes with it.

          Of course…that does not make it easy. My grandmother had all 5 of her children naturally including one that was 10lbs!!! She said it hurt alot but she would never do it any other way. Now, my mother on the other hand had me with medication. She could not handle the pain. This does not make someone “less” of a women. Everyone is different and so is our pain tolerance.

          I’ve heard of many stories where a women take medication when they gives birth and regret it because they did not get to experience the full effect of delivering their babies. They say the experience was almost stolen from them.

          Giving birth is a very powerful thing and makes women amazing. If you want to give birth naturally DO IT! It’s hard but I know it will be worth it. :]

          I’m planning on having my future children naturally myself. But don’t feel less of a women if you need help. Birthing a child is hard work.

          I wish you the best.


            I think you should try it! Your sister is amazing! My mom has had 6 and they are all healthy.


              I want to have 2 kid 3 if it happens. I i want at lease one of my kids to be natural birth:) and wow tell your sis i say congrats:D


                Epidural for me was HEAVEN if Ill have another baby someday Im definitely getting an Epi again.


                  I say go for it! I had my daughter naturally, pretty much. Lol. I got an epidural but by the time he was finally able to get it in, I had fully dialated so it didnt kick in until after Id delivered her. Childbirth is painful, regardless if you take anything to help with the pain. So I say try it and if you have to get some pain relief, dont hate yourself for it. Even if my epidural had worked, I wouldnt feel robbed of the experience, like someone posted. Natural or not, youre still the same person bringing a life into this world. Of course, always talk with your dr to make sure circumstances will allow a natural childbirth. Good luck!


                    I had three kids naturally, meaning without epidural and without being induced. and I had my last child induced and with and edpidural. I would do it naturally if you could. The drugs help some and I think they are ok but Dr.s push epidurals and induction so much now and there really is no need sometimes. It is much quicker if you let your body do it. But the drugs do help take the edge off. The epidural makes it so you can’t actively participate. You are numb from the waste down and your stuck in bed the whole time. I didn’t like that. I liked being able to walk around and participate. Do lots of research. Be your own advicate. You can bring in music and turn the lights down and bring a friend to help you. take a lamaze class if they offer it or a natural birthing class they do help. Good luck!!


                      Do whatever makes you happy! You can definitely do it if that’s what you’re worried about. There was a time where epidurals weren’t even available and women still had babies and lots of them! My grandmother delivered eight children naturally starting at sixteen. I asked her how she did it and she just laughed. :laugh:


                        You should totally do it natrually!!! It’s worth it, you may not think that when in the middle of pushing that baby out but trust me in the end you feel so powerfull and complete.

                        When i had my daughter i didn’t have enough time to get medication, and i thought i wasn’t going to make it. But in the end it all turned out to be an amazing experience.


                          I had a natural childbirth – by that I mean that I did not have an epidural, or any pain meds. I was in a hospital. I did have an induction of labor because my baby was 3 weeks late – but I had a lighter kind of induction without pitocin (a drug they use in hospitals to make you uterus contract and your cervix dilate). They used a kind of synthetic hormone gel on my cervix to make it start to dilate and for me and my baby that was all the help she needed and she was born 10 hours later. I read a lot about natural childbirth too, and I planned on having a homebirth with a midwife, but changed plans because my baby was so late.

                          I would totally encourage you to find someone/some people who can support you. I definitely needed the constant physical and emotional support of my mom, my friend, and a doula, in order to have the natural childbirth that I wanted. It was so worth it!!!!! Natural childbirth is amazing, I am not sure if I want to have more kids, but I would be pregnant and give birth again for sure!

                          Good luck to you! I would be happy to talk with you about natural childbirth. I am a student midwife and I have had the opportunity to support many women in labor, all who gave birth naturally.

                          Good luck again!

                            Natural Childbirth is the best for both mommy and baby.
                            With or without support you should do it, all you have to do is focus on when the baby is here. I tried so hard to have a natural childbirth. But faced a few problems when the time came. I was in labor for two days outside of the hospital, and fifteen hours and thirty five minutes in the hospital. I had horrible back labor but got through it with out any pain medicine. When I was eight centimeters my sons heart rate started going up then down and they told me I could get an epidural then or go in for a c-section. So I choose the epidural.
                            Not much longer after that they said it was time to push so I push as hard as I could for two very long hours, but still no baby. They figured out he was to big for me to push out and took me in for a c-section anyways. I stopped contracting and everything because my body was to tired. I hope you can go all natural, because it is best for you and baby.
                            If you need to talk to anyone i’m here, and happy to help the best I can.

                              I had natural birth and though i wanted to to do it without drugs after 4 hours of major contraction they had to do an epidural because my contraction were getting further apart.either way i am happy i waited till i was in pain though because i was afraid to get the epidural because of my fear of needles


                                I want to do it naturally only because I’ve talked to a lot of people who went with the epidural and gas and other types of medicinal pain relief, and they have next to no recollection of the actual birth of thier child. And for me personally, that’s something I want to always remember. If you have a midwife, they know non-medicinal ways of pain relief that can be really effective, and if you stay in really good physial shape, childbirth tends to be quicker and easier. Kegel exercises make pushing easier, as well. πŸ™‚


                                  Natural births are better because there are more postions to try for pushing! πŸ™‚


                                    Go natrual! <3


                                      I to will be choosing to give birth naturally that is if I do not wimp out :P.

                                      I think it’s a great idea and a very good way to remind yourself how much it hurt to do it (there for no more babies for awhile), and reminds you each day of the pain you went through cause you loved your baby. Also a way to be very proud, brave and confident in yourself! πŸ˜›

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