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      Even though I’m only three months, I still can’t resist thinking about names, and seeing as my boyfriend is a little baby sick at the moment from me nattering away at him, I thought I’d ask you guys what you think. Bearing in mind I don’t know the sexes yet, and it’s for twins, although we don’t know whether they are fraternal or identical yet.

      At the moment my favourite boys names are,


      And for Girls,

      Maisy (my favourite at the moment)

      And if it’s two boys, I think my favorite combination would have to be Theo and Jasper, but with two girls It would have to be Maisy and Lilah (although I’m starting to not like Lilah because it means “Seductive”, which I don’t really want to name a baby after.

      Anyway, I could go on for ages about names but Its far to early to decide, I was just wondering what your opinions were and if there are any other names you can think of/like that are good for twins.


        I’m 100% with you on how fun baby names can be πŸ™‚
        i think Jasper has to be my favorit, but i suck at choosing girls names lol but i think eliza is very cool.

        Good luck with the pregnancy.


          Jasper is adorable!!!! Good luck!Hope to hear from you soon πŸ™‚

          Sincerely,Rachelle πŸ™‚


            I love names as well! Sounds like you have a great list going. Your children are lucky their mom is enjoying this process πŸ™‚ I think it’s really cool that names have meanings…sometimes it’s too bad that pretty names have not so nice meanings, but I like that you can find cool names with wonderful meanings. I hope I do this for my children and then I’ll get to tell them…do you know what YOUR name means? it’ll be a special moment.


              Aww those names are lovely πŸ™‚
              Im due to give birth in 3 weeks and im having a baby girl just cant decide on olivia or lexie.. but i sorta know how you feel haha


                I love the name Lexie! Would you have it short for Alexandria? Good luck!


                  I am six months along and keep playing through all the names in my head too! Experts say to make sure you say the names outloud so you can here them and also make sure the initials don’t make up any funny words that kids can tease about!

                  I love Noah!


                    I am totally on the same boat as you! i love thinking of baby names & have already had fun playing with them,

                    its too early in my pregnancy to tell if its a boy or a girl, so ive been playing with both sexes names.

                    Like for a boy i LOVE Odyne. & also i think Bronx is cool too,as well as Brooklyn,
                    For girls it will be Indie-Rose or Boe, i think Boe is really cute but my mum is dead decided on Indie-Rose haha

                    either way your babies will be beautiful whatever name they have (:


                      Jasper Leo
                      Owen Adam
                      Lilly Jane or Lilly-Anna Marie
                      Good luck!

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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