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      I was raped by my dad and got pregnant now I want to change my last name and my sons last name because it his dads last name but I cant right now.I dont think I could live with having to call him by his dads name and writing it.Can I legally change it and I have to wait a few years because at the moment i am not with him but will changing it traumatize him or anything.I wonder should i keep it as a last name or middle name or erase all traces of it.


        Hey there, My name is Meg, I saw your post and I am slightly confused. Were you raped by your father or was it your boyfriend/baby’s dad? Are you referring to not being with your father/baby’s dad or not being with your son at the moment? Sorry to ask these questions but depending on the answers I would give you different feedback and advice. First thing is this, if you were raped whether by your father or the one who got you pregnant you have rights, have charges been pressed? There is no reason why you should not be able to change yours and your sons last name. I think you should talk with a rape advocate, someone who has either been raped or has had much experience with counseling rape victims. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders but it is always good to run these types of questions by someone who has expertise in healing after this type of violation, I do want to say that I am proud of you for keeping your son and being a true Stand Up Girl in the face or very poor circumstances…call this number 1-800-656-HOPE, it is Rape Abuse and Incest National Network…you can speak with a counselor and they may be able to help you find some local resources for further counseling and assistance…I wish you well and I hope things turn out for yours and your sons best interest…I am here anytime…Love Meg,


          sounds like she means the babys dad.
          You dont have to have the daddies last name BUT i think dont count me on that but i thought that to change it you had to have both parents agree on the change.

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