my triplets

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      🙂 hi its me again,
      i found out i was having 3 a couple weeks ago… and i talked to mi mom and she is sooooo happy for me!!! im so glad!! i went to the docter yesterday and she said all of them are fine!!!!! they are also all girls! im so exited but soo scared

      plz. advice!!!
      love kate


        Im finding this hard to follow. You just found out you were having triplets and they were all girls…this means you must have only just found out you were pregnant, yet you usually have to be 15 weeks minimum to determine the gender, usually finding out at the 18-20 week scan. You must have known you were pregnant long before just a couple of weeks ago. Most people have an early scan to determine dates but not everybody. Also they probably would have checked your fundal height – which would have been higher than normal possibly because there was more than one baby. Can you fill me in or edit the post as im confused. You asked for advice – get as much rest as humanely possible!!!


          That’s great that your mom is supportive. How far along are you now? I don’t know why, but I was thinking you were too early to know the sex yet.


            oh sry about that… i figured out i was pregnant really late… so from there it all kinda fell into place. im really skinny but then i started getting sick and gaining weight, so i had to go to the docter and i found out why! then i went again for the gender. sorry for the confusion!


              Please do add how far along you are, cause I am getting a bit confused to! I am sorry if you ARE telling the truth, but it is just hard to trust what people say on here cause I dont know nobody in person. I also think and know that if you just found out you are pregnant that it is too early to determine the sex…if you just barely found out you are pregnant, that is scary!! : P


                i agree with kylieAUS, i don’t get it either….

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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