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      Hello! I’m new here.. I wanted to get some unbiased opinions.

      I have a child already, but I’m still a bit lost.

      Here’s the sit:

      I had protected sex 2 1/2 weeks ago, but I conceived my child while using condoms, so I’m a bit paranoid. :dry:

      I have extremely irregular periods, so I have no clue as to when I ovulate. I started exhibiting a couple pregnancy symptoms over a week ago. I then started my period.. but it’s very erratic. With my first child, I got a regular period right after I conceived, with the worst cramps I’d ever experienced.

      This period is different. Spotting here and there, and then I’ll wipe and it’s covered. I don’t need a pad though. I don’t have cramps. It is very bright red.

      My breasts are very sore and sensitive, which I don’t get with my period. My nipples haven’t darkened at all, but I do have the bumps (Montgomery Tubercles I think they’re called?) all around the aereola, which I haven’t noticed since my first pregnancy.

      I am a bit bloated/swollen above my pubic bone. And now I am feeling ill, but I don’t know if it’s real or just psychological.

      I have taken a test, and it was negative, but it hasn’t been quite 3 weeks since I had sex.

      So. Do you think I could be pregnant, or is this just a screwed up period? Sorry this is so long, but I couldn’t really go to anyone else..I don’t want to mention it to anyone until I know for sure, and my doctor is on holidays this week. TIA!


        Well that sounds kind of like you might be. Because of the light spotting and the breast tenderness. And I mean it could be a wack period. I dont know if you spot like that sometimes when your on your period or what. But maybe you should try another pregnancy test. Like maybe wait a few days and take it when you first wake up so your urine is more concentrated. I hope everything turns out the way you hope. God Bless.


          okay this morning my period became heavy, but still bright red, and I have really bad cramps. So it seems like I got my period, like any other month. But this happened with my first pregnancy. My breasts are still very tender, which is unusual for my period.

          I think I’m probably just wishing for a baby, when there isn’t one :dry: But that’s what happened the first time, and the next month I missed my period, and ended up pregnant. So is it still possible?


            Yes. Actually, one of my best guy friends is almost 19 and just found out who he thought was his dad is not in fact his dad. There was a guy his mom had sex with once because she was mad at her husband. She has three children one has a different father and she thought that Josh and his brother had the same dad. Well the guy she had sex with kept saying “That is my son, I know that is my son.” she said this was impossible because she had her period after they had sex. Well they thought Josh had cancer and she did some thinking and had a DNA test done. The guy turned out to be his dad. He had even been to this guy’s house before and didnt know he was his father. He now knows he hasd three half sisters. Even though it’s kind of unlikely to be pregnant if you have heavy bleeding, it is possible. Plus it’s happened to you once, who says it wont be like that everytime. maybe your body is different. I would take a test. It could be wishful thinking or you could be pregnant. Good luck. God Bless <3


              Of course it is still possible that you are pregnant… especially if you seemed to get a normal period when you were pregnant with your first baby.
              I guess the only think you can do is wait another little while and take another test. 🙂


                I took another test today, and it was negative. I’m so confused! The bump by my pelvic bone has grown this week, and if I put my hand there the bump FILLS it. I don’t understand! If that’s my uterus, and I AM pregnant, shouldn’t I get a positive result by now?? I have a doc appt on wednesday, but the waiting is killing me :p


                  Well, at least the doctor will be able to tell you for sure. Until then I guess try to relax and get your mind on other things. which i know is hard because im afraid i might be pregnant too. but i cant wait to hear how it goes for you and if your not pregnant I STILL WANNA KNOW!!! and if your not, dont be down. theres always next time. Good luck. God Bless <3.

                  P.S.--I've heard a lot of stories of women taking multiple pregnancy tests at home and them coming out negative and then goin to the doctors and endin up bein pregnant.


                    i have gotten to that stage where i have honestly felt pregnant and in my mind i WAS but i wasnt. I try to wait but it is hard.
                    Let us know what the drs say.


                      I totally get that I could be wishing so hard my head is convincing me that I’m pregnant..some symptoms could be psychological: fatigue, headaches, back ache, nausea. But I find it hard to believe that my breasts are changing due to psychological issues. I have very obvious Montgomery’s Tubercles all over my nipples–they look like they have chicken pox! LOL! And now the veins are prominent, my nipples tingle, etc. The timing is just strange.. I didn’t have sex for 2 years, and now a couple weeks after I finally do, my breasts are changing? Odd.


                        The bump you’re feeling could be your bladder.


                          test was negative 🙁

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