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      To all you girls… This isn’t to scare you and i’m not saying this will happen to you but here’s my story…

      I found out i was pregnant when i was 17 my boyfriend and i had been together for about 3 years. We were both kinda scared and a little excited as well. My pregnancy went wonderfully and before i knew it i had a beautiful baby girl on January 21, 2005.
      Our lives changed drastically and we grew up fast for our little girl. We were a cute little family like every girl dreams about.
      Then on the morining of September 14, 2005. Everything changed. We woke up to find our little girl lifeless laying in her crib. We were staying with my parents at the time and my mother and 2 younger sibling found her. We woke up to screaming. That morning we had to face the worst fear any parent could ever dream. We lost our little girl she was a week from being 8 months old. Just like everyone else we had heard about this but we never thought it could happen to us.

      S.I.D.S took the life of our little girl. A silent killer that kills more baby’s than anything else. I had heard of it and thought i had done something wrong and we blamed it on ourselves for a very long time. There are no symptoms and no signs it just happens.

      I thought i should share this story with you because their are a couple things they say that reduces these chances of this happening to you and your little one.

      1. Don’t smoke while your pregnant…. *I did*
      2. Regardless as to how your baby likes to sleep lay them on their backs.
      3. Give them a pasifier when they go to bed at night. It keeps their brains working.

      From what i’ve read S.I.D.S is a sort of sleep apnomia. Simply the brain forgets to breath.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this. And i wish you all the best.


      Jazmin Marie Farren
      1/21/05 – 9/14/05.

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