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      hi im santanah,im from bronx,ny…in march of 2006 i found out i was 5 weeks pregnant..this was three weeks after my 15th bday…i told me cousin first and automatically she said abortion at the time i wasnt sure so i told her yea and then a week before i was scheduled to get it i finall y spoke out that i i didnt want to ..i was crying and everything and my mom was crying at that time i didnt really know how many things i could have done to keep my baby…my boyfriend wanted me to i was i went along with them(my cousin and mom) and had the abortion in april…i was so depressed i was crying everyday..then the doctors put me on birth control and on may26 i switch from the pills to the shot and at that time they took a pregnancy test and it came out negative so the went ahead and gave me the shot….i was schedule for another shot on august1 but in july i felt tired and i had to pee alot…so i took a hoime test and it came out POSITIVE..omg…my boyfriend and i were so shocked but i kind of felt that i was so it was just like wow and once again he wanted me to keep it and i did too so much because the first abortion was horrible and i didnt want to feel that way again so i went in on the 1st and they told me i was 12 weeks then they told me to make prenatal appointment so i did and they took a ultra sound and everything when i saw it moving i felt like crying i felt so connected to it…then she told i wasnt 12 weeks i was 15 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS…wow and the next week i would find out if it was a boy or girl..wowww…but then of course i told my mom and she said that i have to get an abortion…i cried …i prayed i was even ready to move out and since my boyfriend was 18 he could have rent a room …i was determined not to have an abortion…but then they started telling me how his mother is going to hate he is going to hate me and other things…until i finally gave in …..i cried and cried..ever since that i just dont talk to my mom really ..she tries to talk to me but i feel as though i cant trust her and i cant believe she made me kill my baby….its around 5 months later and i still cry when i see pregnant people or babies..and tomorrow which is jan.31 would have been my due date……all i can say to those teens who are pregnant as long as you have a plan and you thing you can handle it DONT GET AN ABORTION..TRUST ME ITS ONE OF THE WORST THINGS YOU CAN DO…:dry:


        Omg i know how u felt because i got pregnant at 14 goin on 15. I really wanted to keep but my ma straight told me abortion, I didn’t have no option.I basically woulda been dis-owned. Coming around to my B-day in october they gave me an ultrasound and a few weeks l8tr I was getting it done. I wanted to cry but I just held it in. At 20 weeks it was super hard on me cause the baby was fully developed. Me and my Ma are jus not there any more , u can say:dry that she lost me.


          i completely understand i went through the same thing i aborted my child at 10 1/2 almost 11 weeks and i’ll tell u that sucked sooo bad it was painful..and i’m preggo again and i’m slowly being sucked in the same path…u know when you first got that abortion and told urself you would never do that again but when u get pregnant again u think thingsare gonnna change but they don’t? Yea, if u got pregnant again after an abortion, those SAME people who told you to get an abortion are going to tell you to go through that ALLL over mom and my bf are the ones who convinced me too…the ones that matter the most to you and they go ahead and make you go through something that horrible? you hvae EVERY right to be upset becuase that’s not right nobody, NOBODY should tell you how to live your life or what to do with YOUR OWN DAMN KID that’s your decision and your decision only…i hope you feel better… should go out and find something liek a hobby or something to get your mind off of it b/c it will dirve you nuts

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