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      [color=#800080]i just wanted to share if anyone wants to chat or keep in touch feel free to comment on my space here

      This is my life from the start

      I was born in December of 1989 Gabriella Rose Bollin, and the first 13 years of my life were basically standard and general uneventful.

      I met Alex the summer before grade 9, i was 13 and he was 17, and he already had a rap sheet of convictions a mile long but i didnt care he was cute and he had a car and most importantly he was older and he thought i was cute. My mother forbid me from seeing him but id sneak out my window to go and hang out with him.

      we started dateing "officialy" after we had spent almot every free moment of our time together for over 3 months. I felt like the coolest girl ever!! That was November 03 i was 13 and dateing a super hottie bad boy type heck i WAS the coolest girl ever!!

      we had sex for the frist time on my 14th b-day, it was a nice way to celebrate, we didnt use condoms because i figured with my irregular periods (heck i had only ever had 2!!) that there was NO WAY id get pregnant and he told me it was better without and who was i to agrue with him.

      I found out i was pregnant in March 04 i was already a few weeks along and i had had my suspicions since around Valentines day but was way to scared and nervous to do anything to find out.

      I was in gym and i had this horrible horrible pain in my side and i could feel a lump in my stomach i couldnt move, so of course thinking i had pulled something or that it was my appendix i was sent to see the nurse.

      I told her how i had been feeling a little nauseous the past little while, but that it usualy went away by 10 or 11 and she felt around and told me to "go pee in the cup" i did and it was the scariest moment of my life, waiting for her to tell me what it was. She came back a few minutes later, but it seemed like hours…. I was pregnant

      My Family was so upset, they wouldn’t speak to me for months but Alex was supportive, he wanted this baby, he wanted us to be a family, eventually my family got used to the idea of us being parents

      and on October 15th 2004, at 37 weeks i gave birth to a beautiful 6lbs 9oz baby girl with a full head of black hair, Freya Elise was here.

      I loved being a mommy 2 am feedings everything, but there was no way i wanted another one anytime soon. But god had something else in mind for me,

      At my routine post partom check up a simple blood test showed i was pregnant again, my 3 month old daughter was going to be a big sister. I was terrified a million things went threw my mind

      "my parents were going to kill me!!"
      "I just turned 15, 15 year olds aren’t supposed to be expecting #2"
      "Alex, what would Alex think"

      I couldn’t tell my parents i just couldn’t disappoint them again, i went home in tears to tell Alex that we were going to be parents again. He was actually happy, amazing i know. with his support i told my family who kicked me out and i moved in with Alex at 15 years old.

      But Alex wasnt the greatest of guys, as i soon found out, he was dealing drugs, doing drugs and having huge parties getting high and going out all hours, he would leave for days without telling me where he was going or calling me.

      when i was 6 months along i found out that he had been cheating on me through out our whole relationship, her name was Becky and she lived 4 hours away, they did the long distance thing and when he would disappear it was usualy to visit her, they had actually been together since they were 16, technically i was the "other woman"

      i couldn’t handle it when he came home i confronted him about it and he got mean, he threw a lamp at me and that was it i WAS NOT raising my kids with him, i told him it was over took my daughter and went crying back to my mother.

      So now i was 15 pregnant and all alone. but i was happy and healthy i never felt that great when i was with Alex, my family took me back with open arms and were a HUGE help.

      On September 22nd at 41 weeks i gave birth to a gorgeous 8lbs 10oz baby boy, Rocco Zane.

      I actually didn’t mind being a single mom, i held off on the whole dateing thing most guys don’t date 16 year old with 2 kids after all. But then i met Luke,Im May of 06 a cute mechanic, when i brought my car in with my mom to have the oil changed he smiled and we talked for nearly an hour and he was great with the kids. He had the nicest blue eyes, the tall dark and handsome type, he was 19 and fresh out of trade School.

      we started dating and fell in love immediately, he asked me to marry him 2 months later and i accepted.

      We found out in august that we were pregnant, i was so upset i couldn’t believe that i was that dumb again, but Luke was supportive and i knew we could do it. but soon after that i had a miscarriage and was devastated.

      Now Luke and i are trying to get pregnant with our first together and we have been since September. Hopefully it will happen soon. And we recently set a wedding date January 11th 2008

      so that sums me up, just a typical high school senior now, im looking forward to graduating this soon and going to prom with my friends [/color]


        well i hope u succeed in getting pregnant again if thats what u want. good luck to you.


          wow you have a happy ending story that first guy the kids daddy hes a real d, that about sums him up i wouldve killed him n the 4 hr away girl.but hes better with her maybe they will have a horriable life together n hell prob do it to her to. so your getting married thats so nice n he loves your kids there is some real men left out there n keep trying for that baby it will happen maybe youll grad. n than get preg well good luck.


            It really is amazing that you have had your happy ending. Congrats on yor new baby!>3

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