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      i am 16 years old, my boyfriend is 17 and i am 7 weeks!
      i’m not really sure what to do at this point, but were waiting to see what happens.
      i had many scares so we went and got me on the pill a month later i was pregnant
      we havent told our parents yet but somehow i dont think they will understand.
      i feel so sick all the time, so tired and just no energy. is this normal?
      what did you feel like the first 10 weeks of your pregnancy?
      what should my next step be?
      thank 🙂


        Hey Hun,
        I know this can be a scary time, especially since it was unplanned (although not unwanted), but now is the time to plan, and get organised. Your first steps will be go make a plan with your boyfriend, go to a doctor and get your bloods done (and a referal to a hospital), so you can show your parents that your being responsible. The next step is to talk to a councler about your education, maybe consider home schooling to finish, or a special young mums school, because finishing is important, and your parents will think that too.

        Sit down with your boyfriend and discuss how you are both going to handle this, will you move in together/stay with parents and save money? Will he get a job to help support the baby, all this needs to be discussed, so when you tell your parents whats going on, they will see that you have thought about it, and know what you want.

        The first 14 weeks of pregnancy is hard, you have little to no energy, and quite often can feel sick. Get as much sleep as you can, and try and eat heathy food that dosnt make you throw up (green apples are great). Don’t worry though, it is normal, and it will pass.

        Just stay positive, you have a little life growing inside of you, who you will love more than you ever thought possible. Look after that tiny baby by looking after yourself, eat well, rest when you need to, take some pregnancy vitamins, and you will be fine. Age really is only a number, and the reality is, your baby dosnt know how old its mum is, and it wont really care when it does.


          yep. Its normal to be sick.
          All the hormones are going everywhere now.
          Go to and go to week by week calendar and itll give you details about whats happening at your week.


            oh yea.,its totally normal to feel that way, belive me im in it atm to :S but i love every bounch of feeling sick haha:cheer:

            try to eat some salty crackers before you stand up off bed, and eat dry food…it helps me abit..

            well,you should go to the doctor,to check you up, maby have a us done..

            then talk with your bf, make a plan of the future,cause the future will change totaly..

            and you have to tell your parents, you think they may flip out not support and that… but its important to tell them, theyll see that you trust them, and when theyll see you have started to take care of theyll know you are mature for that…



              Wait a moment, I thought that you were five weeks along back in August. Is this post dated wrong?
              (But yes, it is normal to feel especially tired during the first trimester.)


                Of course. You should read up on the symptoms that you’ll be feeling throughout the pregnancy so that you can be prepared.

                Take these 9 months to get organized and plan for your little one who’s coming.


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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