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      Hi my name is Kayla and I am new to stand up girl. I thought maybe someone might want to hear my story.

      It all started when I met a boy. I was only fourteen he was almost twenty. Looking back I can’t believe how blinded I was. He told me I was beautiful. I was the oldest of five kids and not used to so much attention. For the first few months he was so sweet. We kissed alot but not much more. After a while he told me he had needs and me being so innocent believed him. The first time hurt but I kept quite. He told me how much more he loved me. We had sex about once or twice a week for a few monthes, he said he always used a condom. About a month later I relized I wasen’t getting my period. I was always very right on time. Then came the throwing up. I pretty much knew I was pregnant and told him. When he dropped me of at my house that night he didn’t say much…That was the last time I saw him.

      So here I was fourteen, pregnant, alone and didn’t know what to do. About a week after I found out my mom came in to the bathroom early one night and asked me why I kept throwing up…I just started to cry and she screamed for my dad. They both wanted me to get a aborton but I wouln’t. I loved this man who made our baby. I had a vision of me and him in our own house with a little blue eyed baby. My parents were livid. They took me to a ob/gyn and I found out I was about 6 weeks pregnant. My dad had to go to Iraq so here was mom with five kids all under fourteen with one pregnant. She said I could be home schooled untill the baby was born then give it up.

      Fast forward six monthes later (now)….
      We…I mean my mom decided I need to get a closed adoption. My sibs don’t really know what going on. I am an expert at hiding my belly but am still never aloud out of the house.
      I have developed a close bond with my baby who, a few monthes ago found out was a girl. I am dreading the day I will have to give her up. Every kick she gives me reminds me we only have so much time. My mom is still very unsupportive and is looking forward to the day this is all behind us. I never will be the same again.


        Kayla, I am so sorry. I read your story and it gave me goosebumps. I can’t image what you are going thru right now. I am here to talk anytime. My heart goes out to you and your baby. Keep your chin up and if you need to chat im here.


          omg…!thats crazy
          i can tell you really want to keep ur baby!
          have you sat down and talked tooh her about keeping it??


            oh sweetie, I am so sorry to hear all this. It is so hard to know who you can trust today. I have never actually had a child, but I can tell you that adoption is a decision that can only be made by the one who is pregnant. It is good for some girls who have decided that it is best, but you cant let your parents force you to do that. You are a mom now and you have the responsibility to take care of your child. If you decide her or she will be better off in someone elses care, then that is fine. But you will regret it every day for the rest of your life if you let your child get taken away. Maybe you should try to talk to your mom. It may help to ask her would she have given you away if she had been 14 when you were born. I know it is a very hard position you are in but you can’t let someone take your child if you don’t want them to. just tell your mom no. I wish i knew of somewhere personally you could go to get help. maybe you can call the help line to find out. Well good luck and please dont let your parents fool you into thinking you have no choice.


              yes I have talked to my mom and she just says she dosen’t want to hear it. I have tried everything trust me. I don’t think I can stand to let my little girl go..I mean its almost like she is part of me. I have never met her but I love her more then anything on this earth.


                Adoption is a good choice… when you DECIDE it. I understand that you’re going through a rough time and it may not make sense, but your mom has NO right to choose a life for your baby. This is YOUR baby and YOU are the mother. No matter how young you are, you are still a mother and you still have rights. Tell your parents that. Tell her that YOU get to choose for your baby- not her. Stand up for your baby. God will provide you with a way to make it. Just let him guide you through this hard time.

                If your boyfriend is 20, then I’m not sure what could happen. He could face serious charges for statuatory rape.

                Also, try the option line. They have a lot of centers for counceling with you and your family. Ask your mom to go in and tell her how much it’ll mean to her. Try to keep communication… she does want what’s best for you. This is a scary situation.

                I found out that I was pregnant at 14, as well. I’m due in January with a little boy and I couldn’t be happier. My entire family and the father’s family is thrilled that a new addition is coming, no matter our age. It’ll be difficult, but with the help and support of family we will both make it through.

                I’m here to talk. Please don’t hesitate! It’s nice to have someone around your age to relate to.


                  AWW hunny I can tell you really want to keep your baby. And if you do then keep it. She CAN’T make you give it up. I was 15 when I got pregnant and my mom is a single mother with 7 children. (i’m the oldest too). So it can be done. Don’t let someone else make this kind of decision for u. Only you can decide to keep or too give up your baby. If you need me you can talk to me anytime. Good luck


                    I feel so sorry for you. At a time when you are meant to be enjoying pregnancy you have been thrown in the cupboard to hide. Thats not fair.
                    Do you have other family members who you can go to for support?
                    She CANT just decide for you what you are going to do with the baby.
                    You seem mature for 14 and know what you want. It will wreck you having to hand over this baby. Its alright if you are willing to but when its being forced on you.
                    doe your mum want to see you depressed all your life. they dont see the downside either.


                      the same thing is happenning to me!
                      i now how u feel.
                      your story is like mine


                        I was thinking about your story the other night after I logged off. There has to be another option, if you want to keep the baby. Can a mother legally make you put your child up for adoption? (I really don’t know) Maybe call the crisis pregnancy line and see what they have to say. I am here to chat anytime. Best of luck, Jessica


                          Did you figure anything out?


                            Yes I have tried everything. I called the line and where I live you really don’t have a choice.


                              yes I have talked to my mom and she just says she dosen’t want to hear it. I have tried everything trust me. I don’t think I can stand to let my little girl go..I mean its almost like she is part of me. I have never met her but I love her more then anything on this earth.

                              She is a part of you. She always will be. Your mother doesn’t want to hear it because this is not the life she wanted for you. She didn’t want you to become a mother at the age fourteen.

                              Try and think about it like this: When your daughter is 14 years old, do you want her to get pregnant?


                                Hey chick. Im a foster mom and there was a 17 y/o with a 1yr old daughter who came into custody. I don’t know how you feel about giving her away but you could always contact a social worker. The sad thing is you would have to leave home until your mom welcomed you AND THE BABY back forever.

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