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      so i just thought i would let everyone know what my story is… and i got pregnatn right before my 16 birthday, my son is now 5 months, his dad is not involved he was 21 and my parents want him in jail so therefore he is not around and he was emotionally and phisically abusive…my parents wanted me to give my son up but i couldnt….it all started when i changed schools cuz my parents got seperated(they are back together)..but i went off on the wrong path i started doing drugs( when i went to the doctor i didnt tell them i had done drugs or smoked or drank or anything and to this day my parents still dont know that…they are very strong christians and i just dont want to tell them that after they already were so upset with my pregnancy) getting drunk and sleeping around…if it were not for my son idk where i would be today….i got pregnant within less then a month of dating chris(the babys dad) we had unpretected sex….i pretty much knew i was pregnant but i didnt wanna admit i was….wheni told him he was like oh shit what are we going to do( i mean gee what guy acts like taht when he knows he is goin to be a daddy)…welll i stayed with him and then after being pregnant for a month or so he kept accusing me of cheating sayin he couldnt have kids so it couldnt be his and all this stuff…that really hurt me….duringn the whole time i was with him he was very controlin and abusive…he wouldnt let me have guy friends and rarely let me go out with my own friends….well to make a long story short…he talked to girls while we were together and even slept with one while he knew i was pregnant…i hid my pregnancy for 7 months or so then my mom found out and was very upset thats when me and chris broke up but eventually she got excited and my son is the best thing ever…btw me and the babys dad do not talk and have not for about a month or anything..i wasnt supposed to talk to him at all but my parents dont know that i did…he has seen the baby once in person but now we dont talk at all due to my choice.. he was abusive and im scared for my son to be around him and my parents want him in jail due to his age….but ya thats my story and my son is now almost 6 months and he has changed me completly


        Hey there
        I’m so glad that you made the right choice to not stay with the baby’s dad. You do not deserve that no one does, you deserve to be treated with respect, love and compation. I’m glad your family (mom, dad, you and your baby) are back together and happy. And i’m also happy that you kept your baby.:cheer:

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