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      My name is Kristal. Im 15 years old. My boyfriend is 18. And we were together for almost two years before the abortion. Which I just recently had on Novemeber 24, 2007. My boyfriend was pretty supportive at the time. He said that no matter what I chose to do he would be here for me. Which I completely believed. So the day we went to have the abortion he came with me. I was really nervous, but at the time I honestly wasn’t thinking about the effects it would have on me afterwards. However, that completely changed as I walked into the operating room. I seen the suction device and the little jar that my baby would soon occupy. Also, there was a tray of metal utensils laying there that looked like something you would see in a horror movie. They did let my boyfriend come in there with me. But they wouldnt let him touch me or comfort me in any way. When the doctor walked into the room, I was laying on the operating table with my feet in the stirrups. He told me to just make sure to remember to breathe. When the doctor gave me the shot to numb me I realized that what I was about to do I would never be able to take back. Then he started inserting the metal rods. Which hurt more than anything I have ever experienced in my life. I didnt know what to do. I just layed there and prayed to god that what I was doing was the right thing. When I turned my head to look at my boyfriend I seen him sitting in the corner with his head in his hands. And that hurt me more than anything. Then the doctor turned on the suction device. And as he put it in me I felt this weird sensation in my stomach. My hands were folded at the bottom of my chest. And I could feel this rippling feeling. Honestly, I felt like I was going to be sick. As he pulled it out I looked down for the first time and seen this long clear tube covered in blood. Which I have flashbacks of to this day. When the doctor was finished he looked up at me and smiled. And his exact words were "You were the best one today, you are really a trooper arent you?". At that point if I could’ve got up on my own. I would have smacked the doctor for even thinking about saying that to me. Before I could even say anything to my boyfriend they made him leave the room. The nurse asked me if i could sit up. Which I did. And then she put my clothes on for me and helped me to walk in the next room. Which was what they called the recovery room. They sat me in a chair and gave me some pills and put a heating pad on my stomach. After about 30 minutes the nurse asked me to go to the bathroom to see how much I was bleeding. Then they let me leave. The entire way home my boyfriend and i didnt say a word. I felt so weak and sick I just wanted to be alone. He took me home right then, but came back later that night. We got into an argument that night about something stupid. And i didnt talk to him for a few days. When he finally called me we talked for a few minutes. Then his exact words were "You are a selfish bitch for killing my kid, he was my kid to u kno?." I had no clue what to say back. But obviously he wasnt finished with what he had to say. Cuz then he said You arent the one that had to sit there and watch your kid get sucked up into a jar. I cry every night about that. I was so amazed at how he thought I was o.k with it. About how he thought I never stayed up all night crying about what I had done. Or how everytime I seen a little baby I thught about how it could be mine. Honestly, I did feel bad about making him go through that with me. I wish I could’ve saved him that hurt of being in there with me. I wish that he didnt have to see or feel what I did. But he did. And I couldnt take it back. Well, needlesss to say within a week he had broken up with me. I just wish I knew how he could just let me go through this alone. I would never do something like that to him. But atleast now I know how much he really cared for me….Well this is my abortion story. I live it every day of my life.


        Hi Kristal, I wish I could just give you a tight hug. I wish I could just hold you and comfort you. What you did was wrong, but you should not be the one to carry all the blame and consequenses. I think that your bf was hurt deeply and that he is so "deep in his hurt" that he doesnt realise that you hurt million times more. I also had an abortion….and I was only 5 weeks pregnant. I only had to take a tablet to make "it dissapear" but untill today I think about my baby every night. I have a daughter who turns 4 on February 28th and I have a son who turns 1 on May 10th this year. THis abortion happened between my two kids. My son/daughter would have been 2 years old on 1st April 2008. I can only tell you that we need to pray. We need to believe that one day we will reunite with our kids and we can hold and love them all we want. And best of all….we can appologise for taking their lifes without consulting them whether they want to live or die.
        Please feel free to mail me whenever you want, I will always be here for you…

        Love Yolandi Brindeau
        South Africa

        princess Angela

          I honestly don’t remember much at all from my abortion story… they wouldnt let my bf in with me.. i walked into the roomm and was asked to sit down i did and then they layed the chair back and asked me to put my feet up which made me feel really uncomfortable … Then all i really remember was lookin up at the roof there was a window it was very bright and then everything went blurry an i was unconcious…. then i woke up in the recorvy room after 2-3 hours and i was a bit out of it… a lady came in with a letter for my docter… an she brougth in some good councellor numbers for me… and then i was asked if i was ok to walk an i was fine… i walked out to my bf and could barley look at him… as he was the one who put me in the situation in the first place… He asked me if i was ok on the way home and i said i was fine…. his dad called him on the way home and they were askin about me an how i was…. he was going to melb for 2 weeks the next day.. an i was to deal with it all by myself… an i did well the best i could…
          He came back and slowly everything we had just fell apart.

          Love angela


            wow thats so sad im so sorry for wat u went through ive never had an abortion but i had an ectopic pregnancy which is wen ur baby is stuck in ur fallopian tubes and i was heartbroken cuz if they dont remove the baby i would die so even though i didnt have a choice it still hurts me alot. and i think about it all the time. i think you should go to therapy to talk to sumbody about this because your never going to get over it, i bet its really hard. i think your boyfriends just really hurt and he will come back eventually i mean if he wanted u to go on with the pregnancy he should have told u so its not ur fault dont worry everything will get better eventuallyy.good luck!

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