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      last sunday i was getting horrible side pains starting at 11:30 and i thought it was just the normal uterus dropping pains but they wouldnt go away i took a hot bath, i put a heating pad, i tried laying on my other side, i did stretches, nothing worked so i called my boyfriend and told him at like 2 am and he came and brought me to the hospital. Well it turns out i had kidney stones. So by monday morning i started feeling better but they wanted to do an ultrasound to see if the kidney stones were gone, well i mentioned to my baby doctor that i hadn’t gotten an ultrasound since may and i probably should check him out to make sure he was ok. So she said that was a good idea. So that day i went for my ultrasound and the kidney stones were gone and then they checked the baby, well the fluid in the bubble he lives in was really low so they thought it might have been that i was dehydrated so they kept me on the iv for awhile and then the next day they did another ultrasound. And the same thing the fluid was really low. So my baby doctor told me i would be getting the baby by the weekend cuz not only was the fluid low my baby was really small for how old he was. So they told me the placenta wasnt working well with him and that we needed to get him out soon cuz if we didnt he’d lose oxygen and die.. so yeah that wasnt something i really wanted to hear so friday they started inducing me. Well nothing happened no contractions nothing. So saturday morning i got woken up to get induced again, well nothing happened but they kept me on the baby heart rate monitor for four hours. but during thoses four hours my baby’s heart rate dropped so the nurse started to panic but didnt say anything to me and my boyfriend about what was happening.. so i started to panic.. but then his heart rate went back to normal and nothing happened… so by 11 they took me off the monitor for an hour. but then at 12:30 they put me back on the monitor but couldnt find his heart beat.. so i started to panic… but then they found it and i was being monitor.. i finally looked at my boyfriend and told him i wanted to get the c-section because i couldnt handle the preasure and the fact that they take me off the monitor for even an hour could be dangerous for my baby. and my boyfriend told me to just wait and see what the doctor says…(but i should let you know that i didnt want to get a c-section and i was trying to avoid it at all costs but it started to get really sureal) well i didnt have to wait long cuz by 1 pm i had every nurse in my room one nurse was getting c-section forms ready, the other nurse put me on oxygen and the other nurse was getting my boyfriend prepped for labour. My baby doctor came in and explained that my baby’s heart rate was dropping which meant the oxygen level was dropping so if we didnt get him out asap he’d die. so by 2:50 pm i had kaiden by emergency c-section. I didnt want to have a c-section but it came down to save my baby or lose him i had to save him. And now hes perfectly healthy except he’s tiny but he’s eating well and he’s fattening up haha so i cant wait to bring him home πŸ™‚


        Oh my goodness! That must have been SO scary!
        I am so glad that he’s doing well now!
        Congratulations! πŸ™‚


          Congratulations Momma….He is a cuttie patootie, This is the prime example of how something bad such as kidney stones can turn into a good thing, had you not had the kidney stones you wouldn’t have had the ultrasound to reveal that your little guy was not getting what he needed…I am so glad that he is here and safe, I hope you heal up really soon and have plenty of help…Love Meg


            honnestly i didnt believe in miracles and stuff but now i do.. i swear my little one has guardian angels because he’s doing so well i get him from the hospital in the next week or so i cant wait to bring him home.. he’s just the most amazing thing ever. πŸ™‚


              omg what a miracle.
              If you hadnt of ordered that u/s he might not have been here.
              I say NEVER ignore a mothers instincts. They are amazing.
              And i have to say CONGRATS to you and your partner πŸ™‚


                so yeah… things arent going so well.. um two days ago i went to see him at the hospital and he was in another section, and they were telling me he was sick and his tummy was blue so they were shipping him off to sick kids in toronto *which is two hours away from my home* so ive been here for the past 2 days and thoses 2 days have been the worst days for me.. he has to get surgery yesterday and i couldnt stop crying..he was so helpess… he still is the surgery went well.. he got something called N.E.C.K. im not sure what its really called.. but they told me it happens to a lot of premies and some babies.. and its horrible… so he’s recovering now.. but its so hard to see because he’s hooked up to so many different tubes and such and he’s swollen and he looks so horrible it breaks my heart i cant stop crying because of it all… so they said for the next 48 hours is the crutial time.. its the longest 48 hours ever… πŸ™


                  poor little man. It’s not nice to see our little children sick. Especially to have tubes and all.
                  He is in the best place possible.
                  He sounds like a fighter. How early was he?

                  Hope you get some good news soon.


                    he’s slowly getting better.. he was about a month early so.. im praying he gets through this and i can bring him home soon..

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