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      Let me start off by saying….I’m so confused….I mean I ever thought Iwould be in the position I am in now. I am gettign ready to start my senior year at college, and I take a test on sunday and it is positive, then I go to the doctorsoffice yesterday, and once again it’s positive. Me an my boyfriend had been together for almost two years when we broke up in may, we had alot of issues that needed to be solved witha seperaton between us. So I decided since we were no longer together…WHY NOT STOP THE PILLS RIGHT?..WRONG….we still decided to move in together, and we have gotten caught up in the heat of the moment so many times…….This was in MAy…AND now I’m prgenant in JULY…6 weeks to be exact. Well he has already been in previous relationships, and has a boy and girl already, with two different females….which he already battles custody, and child support issues with… as you can tell he is not to thrilled….he gets all quiet on the phone and when I mentioned abortion….he started asking how much it was and…was I gonna call them tommorow…I sai di guess i can…but I’m not gonna be rushed…I haven’t toldmy family yet……because I know they are gonna flip on me…..but ultimitley all my friends who have kids say it is MY decision…It’s just gonna be hard if i decide to keep this baby…and the fatehr shuns me, and my family….but I really just wanna do the right thing…and abortion is the easy sinful way out…I don’t know what to do…..



        Please remember to think of your unborn child before yourself. If you have your baby you will not ever regret it even though there may be many hardships for you. Every time you see that baby you will know the sacrifice that you endured was worth that child’s life. There are other options for you and your child. I had a beautiful baby girl when I was 17. With much soul-searching I felt that the best decision that I could make for her would be to relinquish her for adoption. I chose a family for an open adoption. I wanted my child to have a stable family who could provide a good life for her. Her adoptive parents sent me pictures often and I am still able to know that she is happy and healthy. I have gone on to marry and now have four more children. I know that adoption is not an option for everyone but I pray for you that you will consider your child and not make a decision that you may regret forever. If I can help you in any way please let me know.


          If you want to have this child, please don’t let your boyfriend pressure you into abortion against your will, or let fear of your family’s reaction cause you to make a rash decision. Please listen to your heart and consider other alternatives to abortion.


            it is, without a doubt YOUR decision. you cant be sure that your family will shun you. or the father! i was positive my parents would kick me out and never want to see me again. i live with them still, my mom watches my daughter while i go to school and work. my dad takes her away from me all the time to go play with her! its so cute-aggrivating at times but cute. they completely spoil her too, i tell her no more puffs and i turn around and they are sneaking them too her! anywho, as for the father my friends girlfriend was pregnant and the whole time he kept saying "i dont want kids ever, i dont want this kid now, im only here because i have a responsibilty" she was born last week and he is SO in lvoe with ehr. so anything could happen! you two might even work things out-who knows?! dont give in so easily, and dont base your decision on what you THINK other people might do-they might surprise you, and you dont want to regret a decision for the rest of your life. good luck to you!


              hey yeah this is a hard decision but its yours… if you decide to keep the baby trust me its hard my sister had a baby when she was 17 and now she cherishes her beautiful baby boy which iss now 10 months she tells me that it was the hardest decision but she knew it was the right one and that when she had him she was all alone the father left her… she says its hard but she said she would never go back in a heartbeat, that that baby makes her life worth living for!!! and now im two months pregnant and im only 16 i will be 17 in two months but still i know the father is still a little shaky on what to do but i do know hes going back to mexico so it will be just me but im not letting that change my decision… im not going to kill my child just because he is not going to be there….. girl there are places out there that will help you with whatever for instants W.I.C. lovely program… but its YOUR choice no one elses yours and yours only… the best to you keep us updated


                [b]Really think this over first! I remember being in a situation similar (in 1 way) to this a little over a year ago. When I told my BF he left me on the spot and told me If I knew what was good for me I would get rid of it. He also said he wasn’t gonna mess up his life just because mine was over. My father also told me to get rid of it and that if I wanted to continue to live under his roof I would. So needless to say with nobody else there for me, I did, Not in a way I would want anybody else to do either. I regret it everyday. I always wonder what could have been and am angry with myself for being so easily pushed into it. PLEASE think it over, it may seem like the easy way out now, but in the long run what you did will be with you everyday.


                  Please don’t do it. No matter what happens between your family and his, it will all be worth it. Even if you have trouble with your family in the beginning, once that beautiful child is there things change. They will love your child.

                  I can tell you right now, I HATE my daughter’s father’s family. They don’t care about her or me, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve got my daughter and my daughter has my family who loves her unconditionally. She gets me through every day. She is the most precious gift I have ever been given, even though the situation wasn’t exactly favorable for children.

                  When I was getting ready to go to my sophomore year in college, I found out I was pregnant. I couldn’t go back to school, because I would have had my child right around finals time (That would have been just great. ^^)

                  All I want you to know is that it’s worth it. It really is. I don’t know how I lived without my daughter before she was born. When she is born, you will love her more than anything.

                  And here I am with a beautiful 18 week old baby girl, and I’m pregnant again. (It’s amazing how stupid you can be when you’re in the heat of the moment.)

                  I wish you luck. I pray that you keep your child. And even if you don’t, adoption is an option, too. There are so many families out there who aren’t able to have children who have been waiting for years to be able to adopt one. I have to say though, you won’t regret it if you parent your child. You will be able to watch you child grow into an adult, a wonderful person, because you were there to teach him/her.

                  Good luck, and God bless.


                    Don’t have the abortion. Regret is far worse.

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