My sister needs help and i’m the only one to help.

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      Hey everyone:)

      i have a younger sister shes 14 and i’m 16 as most of you have prolly already read or seen i am pregnant i want to become closer with my sister but everything i try just turns into another fight between us in the end…i personally think it is her boyfriend telling her shes not alloud to get close to me…she barly has friends i think she has like 3 friends total…she dont go anywhere besides with him…they are always fighting…shes rude to my mom…i unno what to do i have tryed to get her to break up with him but i’m not sure thats the way to go…any1 with advice please please help…i dont know what to do. i’m affraid if this relationship between them goes on very much longer its gunna get abusive.


        So I have a few questions…Does your mom know about the relationship??? Is your sister sexually active?? When your sister is not around him does she talk more and then be quiet when he is there?? I was in an abusive relationship for over a year, I was not allowed to talk to my own sister and she lived in the same house…If I went to the kitchen for something and he heard me and my sister engage in any form of conversation he would grill me the second I got back in the room…What did she say?? why were you talking to her?? what??are you gonna leave me?? and he would be a huge jerk…my sister tried to warn me, she told me that he was no good, she was willing to tell him to leave and protect me from ever having to see him again but I was to scared to not have him in my life…we had a baby together and my mom had killed herself and other than my sister I had no one, and she was pregnant and had two kids already I didn’t want to burden her…I was trapped in this relationship and I raised my daughter in a small bedroom for the first year of her life and I was not allowed to even shower by myself or go to the store by myself and I was accused of trying to cheat on him if I checked my rear view mirror and he saw that a guy was behind us in the car….I had to make the choice to leave him and nothing my sister showed me, told me, pointed out to me about him helped me to do it….I was 20 so there is a difference between your sister and myself though…your mom needs to get involved, if your sister screams and throws a tantrum and turns blue in the face it doesn’t matter, your mom is her guardian and she has full legal rights to make decisions for your sister because she is a minor and still in school…your mom could probably even put your sister on house arrest and have her do her school work at home if that is what it takes to keep her from this guy, I don’t know how old he is but if he is older than 17 I bet he could go to jail if they are sleeping together…the scary thing is that you don’t want your sister to rebel even more by running away or purposely getting pregnant so it needs to be handled very carefully but regardless it needs to be addressed…I don’t even think we are going to let our daughter have a boyfriend at 14 much less spend all her time with him and be a brat about it…when my daughter gets a bad attitude we take away her favorite things (dress up, princess stuff) until her attitude changes…sounds like your sister needs to be put in check if you ask me and she also needs to be protected from this relationship…if you need me to tell you anything else about the abuse I was in or have questions that you think I could answer as a result of it please email me at and I would love to share with you, you can also leave a message for me in my profile book…I hope all works out with your sis….thanks for Standing Up for her…Love Meg

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