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    sophia roses mummy

      heyy everyone!
      im gabby
      i need some advice, im 1 month pregnant today! and i told my mum and dad they were the first people i told then i told my boyfriend and me and him are so hapy about the news!
      my mum and dad said they were too & they acted happy about it too.
      maybe it was all too good to be true! wich it was πŸ™
      i overheard my mum and dad talking in the living room saying that she should have abortion again bcoz this is a massive mistk
      and i feel so lost again i had a abortion 7months and 3 weeks ago this monday 23/3/09 bcoz they both maid me! and kno i feel they wont me to go thru all that all over again. me and ollie didt want to the first time and we deffo dont want to do it again it was a massive mistk and i dont kno what to do i want to keep my baby and i dont want him/ or her to be tken off me it would crush me
      any advice?
      how do i stand up to them tho?
      and why cant they just be happy with my choice?
      HELP please any advice?

      thankyou!!! gabriella xxxx


        ohh gabby I am so sorry you heard your mom saying that stuff :(:( Honestly, my mom reacted the same way telling me to get an abortion and really other rude stuff. Eventually she has come around, do you see your mom coming around? most all parents do! Do not go along with abortion if you do not want too, you can keep this baby! Tell them firmly you have made your decision and that you cannot go through what happened to you previously. Say that you are asking for their support but if they cannot give that to you than you will do it on your own with ollie. I promise you they will eventually come around, they love you. I know how hard this is when your own parents say such hurtful things so please msg me if you need anything. XOXO


          Im sorry about your parents gabby πŸ™ please just dont give in, even show them pictures of how developed your baby already is. im sure they are just worried about your future, so maybe try to re assure them that you are doing the right thing. please take care!



            Dont even think about doing it!!!!:ohmy: :angry:I dont know your parents,but im so mad at them!!!They should be supporting you.I’ve had an abortion before and not a day goes by that i dont regret what i did.So please dont let your parents guilt you into doing it.


              Hunny, please don’t let them get to you. I know that it must’ve hurt to hear their words, bu tyou and Ollie need to stand up to them this time.
              Steph is 100% right i asking for their support and how to deal with their reaction.
              How are Ollie’s parent’s handling the news? Would they be willing to help out if the need arises?
              Please keep posting and let us know how yr doing.
              Much love and support,
              E xoxoxo


                hey gabby, im gemma.
                I read your little blog a few days ago and thought it was great you were so happy about your baby πŸ™‚ and you still should be! Nobody can make you give him/her up and no matter how negative people are around you, stay happy and positive! Your mum & dad will accept your decision soon enough and im sure they will learn to love your baby just as much as you do!! Your also so lucky your boyfriend is being so supportive. Just keep being happy about your pregnancy and your mum & dad will see how sure you are wont try to change your mind πŸ™‚

                Hope your feeling okey, and if you wanna chat i’ll be here :cheer:
                love gem <3 xx


                  gabby, really if you want to keep you baby, then DO it. your parents can only say so much. they can’t drag you around and make you get an abortion. it’s your life, your child’s life-and you and your boyfriend need to make that decision, not them.

                  i know my mom would want me to have an abortion also, but if i want to have my child, my parents can only offer their advise. they can’t choose for me. eventually, they would come around. when they hold their grandchild in their arms, when they see the beautiful life they can now cherish.

                  just do whats best for you. talk with your boyfriend, do what you guys choose. your parents will always be your parents, and they’re gonna love you either way.

                  sophia roses mummy

                    me and ollie have stood our ground and we both re told my mum together that we were going to keep our baby so im alot happier its hopfully going to be all over in a few weeks once they have both come round to the idia

                    gabby xxxxxx


                      I’m so glad to hear that the two of you have made things clear to yr parents.
                      Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      sophia roses mummy

                        thank you eva

                        it really hurt inside when i had to say it but there is only so much one can take and i am 110% sure that i made the right choice


                        sophia roses mummy

                          updat everything with my mum and dad has calmd down now and im having a happy and healthy 11 week(s) pregnancey πŸ™‚ thankyou for all the advice and support
                          love gabby hunter xxxxxxxxxx


                            Im so sorry your parents arent supporting your decision. Im my case it was my babys father and all the rest of mine and his family that wanted me to abort my baby apart my mother. You cant abort your child hun this is not what you want so keep it. Once your baby is here everyone will be happy for you and they will be happy you kept your baby and if not then who needs them. Be brave and believe in yurself. This is about youand your baby and noone else. And congratulations on you good news.:)

                            sophia roses mummy

                              well update guys!

                              things with my mum is like awful atm!

                              we had a big argument last week and she ended up hitting me so i walked out

                              im 18 weeks pregent 19 weeks this sunday πŸ™‚

                              and i dont know what to do πŸ™

                              how can i forgive her after what she has put me thru these past 2 years?

                              HELP & ADVICE pleasseeeee guys

                              loveyou thankyou xx

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