My mother and I never had a good relationship.

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      I am so thankful that you young women, and I do mean women, are going to have your babies. You will not be sorry.

      When I was much older than you are, I found out my mother had tried to abort me.

      I had always wondered why my mother and I had could never get along. It was only when I found out her secret that I understood some things about our relationship. She never wanted me to ask any questions about how she and my dad got together. Any time I would bring up something about their younger years, she would get very angry with me. Therefore, our conversation would end abruptly. I kept thinking I was just saying something wrong, but I didn’t know what it was.

      My mother would sit – before she died – with my baby picture and cry over the baby in the picture. She wasn’t crying for me, her grown up daughter, just the baby in the picture. Finding out she had tried to abort me helped explain why she cried over this baby.

      Okay, let me get to the point here about what I am trying to really tell you young ladies.

      My mother and I never had a good relationship. So, even if you have thought about an abortion or even tried to get one and it didn’t work out – do not let it keep you from having a wonderful mother-daughter or mother-son relationship.

      What would I have wanted my mother to do? I wish she had asked for forgiveness and ACCEPTED IT. The Lord is always standing by to hear our cries of desperation and pain. He is always ready to forgive, but we need to ask for it. Not for His sake, but for ours.

      You young ladies are to be greatly admired for keeping your babies or allowing them to be adopted – whichever case fits your situation.

      Just love your babies and don’t let anything you have done keep you from being close with your child. Teach them by your example of love and caring.

      I thank you and your soon to be born little ones will thank you, also.

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