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      I’m kind of in a mixed emotional sort of state, I’m 16 years of age and 17 weeks pregnant, I didn’t want the child at first but I think around 3-4 weeks later I changed my mind, and knew what I was going to do, my mother is very supportive only disappointed like any other mother would be. But she had the same experience at my age so she knows kind of how I’m feeling only different because as each individual human thinks logically different and feels different emotions. but I’m glad I have her support, on the other hand my boyfriend isn’t so supportive of course I know that there are still many thing we can do in our lives, but he’s 18 doesn’t need to worry about finishing high school and isn’t going to college as he already has certificates in short courses and has a stable job with a good income, around 1400 a week. But is looking for a different job with higher income.
      He thinks I’m destroying my life and has said some very horrible things and done very nasty things to me. but he doesn’t see my side properly, when I first found out it was in July, but I knew all along i guess it was just a instinct, in may my last period was in late April- start of May. and then I didn’t get my period in May and it arisen suspicions I thought I will wait through June and if I don’t get it I’ll take a test in July, only because in may I was going through a few stressful situations so I thought that was the cause. And in July at no surprise it came up positive. I told him first of all and then my mother. and I didn’t want it I thought no, I can’t have this child I just can’t do it, I don’t want a baby I want it out of me I want it gone. so me and my mum were supposed to schedule and abortion but my mum didn’t do it straight away so after about 3-4 weeks the appointment still wasn’t booked, and I’m glad she didn’t because I became attached to my baby (well isn’t
      that obvious enough the baby’s is attached to my body), but I mean emotionally attached. and I decided to tell my mother my decision and then my boyfriend and he and me have been arguing he used the “I don’t want to be with you or the ill leave you if you don’t get an abortion” I told him its okay if he does. and he got a bit angry because i wouldn’t fall in that trap. and I told him if he want to leave me its fine because I don’t want to tolerate his behaviour. and he said that he doesn’t want his kid growing up without a father.

      I sort of want advice like any newly mother would, on many things from how to deal with things emotionally to what lotion to use to help prevent less stretch mark to what are the best techniques to do for a beforehand for a smooth birth. ? I’m kind of scared as well but I have looked at everything on the negative side for the past couple of weeks and now I see its time to look at the bright side and stop doubting myself.


        Wow! I am way proud of you for how you have dealt with everything, from seeking advice, telling those around you, and being brave enough to stand up for your child to your boyfriend. You will be an excellent mother. (I am so glad your own mother is supporting you…and that the abortion was not scheduled.) I think finding a local person would be helpful for you. If you go to and type in your zip code they can connect you to a pregnancy care center that will be good and supportive. Often there are pregnancy classes you can take, and even earn points toward baby items. They will be helpful in answering questions and finding resources even. I really hope you check that out and that your pregnancy and delivery are smooth. How exciting, you have a baby to love that is on the way 🙂

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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