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      Ok, so it has been a YEAR since I had her, and I still haven’t shared my wonderful, yet painful experience with any of my standupgirl family. So, I decided to tell you all now. It seems kinda late, but one NEVER forgets their labor!!

      As of June 30th 2006, I was huge, my ankels were swollen and I was ill. I was exactly a week past my due date and I was WAITING for Clara to move down..Since her father was at work, I decided to go grocery shopping at Wal*Mart with his mother, whom, has to walk around the whole dang store. Well, her father got off early, for some odd reason and he meet us at the store. He told me to follow him and I did. He then took me to some aisle where people get oils and stuff and handed me a bottle. I looked at it. Castro Oil. I asked what it was…and he told me his buddy from work said it helped labor progress. So shrugging my shoulders, he bought it and we headed off to Papa’s Pizza, a normal Friday night thing. Well, he dropped me home that night and I took a spoonful, like he told me too. At six o’clock the next morning, I woke up with tummy pains. Honestly, it felt like I had to poop. When I tried, I wasn’t able too. So I took some more of the oil, because it helped bowl movements. Around 11 or so, I still hadn’t done anything, so I told my mother. She told me to call Cliff and have him come over just in case. He was there within 10 minutes:) About 12 I went to the bathroom, just pee, and then as I stood up, I felt something cold go down my leg. I sat back down and cleaned myself again, only this time to find this big snotty lookin ball on the toilet paper. I flip out and scream for my mom and ask her what it is. She smiles and says "Lets go to the hospital."

      Well, I get there and I walk around for an hour or so and fill out TONS of paperwork and get checked and no one seemed to believe I was in labor besides me, my mom and the nurse working on me. So my doctor sent me home. About 7 pm I had HARD contractions, so I got a bite to eat and took a shower and off to the hospital I went, only to fill out those stupid papers AGAIN. I was finally admitted to the hospital, and all i had to do was wait. Finalyy the nurse came in and said to speed up labor, she was going to break my water. She broke it, and I thought I was going to die! As soon as I felt the water come out, I had a contraction that was 2x as bad! I wanted to call her a few dirty names, but I didn’t. She asked if I wanted the epidoral and I said No. Well, she left the room and I had 2 hours of hard contractions. I said to myself, "THIS IS ENOUGH" so the next time she came in to check on me, I looked at her and said "I want epidoral" So she went and got the man who did them. I swear, this man was 6 ft something and he had to raise my bed as high as it would go, NO JOKE! So he talks to me during he procedure. I figured since it went into my back, it would hurt. But I only felt pressure. After everything was done, I could finally relax. At 1:15, the nurse came in and told me to push. It was only a practice run. Well, after a few she noticed she didn’t feel as much head as she should be, so she called for an emergency ultra-sound. She was in the right postion and everything, I just had a full bladder blocking her way down. So, she put a cathater in me and emptied me out, then I started to push again. And finally at 3:35 AM, I gave my last push and I gave birth to my wonderful daughter, whom weighed 8lbs 6 ozs and was 21 1/2 inches long.

      It was the most difficult and painful experience or task I have ever had to do, but every contraction and every stretch mark was totaly worth it!

      I do NOT recomend Castro Oil to help labor. Yes it helped me, but it could have different effects on everyone. Please let labor start naturally, as it is more beautiful that way


        oh i am so not lookin forward to it :sick: makes me feel queesy


          It sounds painful but it’s great story. I’m sure everyone feels after a while that the baby just is so worth it that it doesn’t matter how much pain you go through.

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